Why Do Smokers Don’t Like The Word “Quit Smoking”?

There is a scientific reason behind, when it comes to finding the answer for this question. Smokers don’t like the word Quit Smoking because it’s simple – Nicotine is addictive and it is similar to heroin or cocaine.

It is possible that any adult can stroll into a drug store and get a pack of cigarettes for him or her. From a scientific perspective, nicotine is just as hard, or harder, to quit than heroin. However, people don’t recognize that and problems can be determined when it is too late!

Why “Quit Smoking” is not an appreciable word for smokers?

Smoking is the leading preventable cause of death on the global stage. More than 1.1 billion people smoke worldwide and most of them are continually joining the ranks. All types of abusive drugs, including nicotine, releases dopamine, which makes it pleasurable to consume. Therefore, when someone stops smoking, there is a deficiency in dopamine release, and this causes a state of dysphoria (feeling anxious or depressed).

As per the expert coaches and hypnotherapists in Brisbane, Queensland – nicotine acts as a stimulant. It helps people to stay concentrated, and therefore, if they don’t have a cigarette, they have trouble focusing.

What to do if you have a smoker in your family?

In general, smokers are pretty aware that smoking is bad for them. At least 80 percent already say they want to quit. Education and information on health risk may grab people at the initial stage, but constant repetition in the hope of getting them to change will likely only frustrate everyone involved. The truth is that most education-centric programs are trying to convince people to make a difficult change today in hopes of avoiding something that might happen in the future. Forceful actions may keep them away from motivation as the immediate and very difficult challenges of quitting can be offensive.

How smoking hypnosis can help?

Quit smoking hypnosis

Science shows that quit smoking hypnosis Brisbane programs can be an effective tool to help you kick the habit for good. Hypnosis can help you to get rid of cigarettes as the process addresses the psychological aspects of addiction and looks into the underlying motivations for smoking. Quitting smoking may be hard but it helps in improving your health and lowering your risk of disease and premature death, even if you’ve smoked for many years.

Quit smoking hypnosis Queensland experts state that the process combines hypnotherapy with suggestions and psychological therapy to allow you to gain greater control over your mind and body. Hypnosis is often described as helping the smokers to enter in a focused and absorbed state of attention, where he/she becomes more receptive to newer ideas. It is a natural process that helps in feeling similar to when you are becoming absorbed to an activity, like reading a book of your choice or driving down the highway.

Both in Brisbane and Queensland, Smoking hypnotherapy has got a well-reputed recognition due to the well-established practice in medicine that has been shown as an effective solution for people wanting to quit smoking. Hypnotherapy works by breaking the addiction from the mind. Instead of replacing and slowly reducing the amount of addictive chemicals in your system, hypnotherapy works by breaking the negative behaviours and thought patterns associated with smoking–such as smoking to relieve stress.

With the mind and thought process changed, the word “Quit Smoking Queensland” will be never be so offensive word for the smokers and the addictive actions can be controlled quite smartly.

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