Special Facts About Selecting Quit Smoking Treatment Brisbane

The number of smokers in Queensland continues to increase at a faster rate than in other states or territories in Australia. This shock finding has been released by the Australian Institute Of Health and Welfare. Is it now time to think about an effective  Quit Smoking Treatment for people in Brisbane before it’s too late. Whether it’s active or passive, smoking is always harmful to health.

What gains can you achieve from a quitting smoking treatment?

About health:

According to the expert surgeons in Brisbane, quitting smoking is essential for a smoker wanting to improve their health.  When a person quits, his/her body starts repairing the damage caused by smoking. The moment you finish your last cigarette, your body starts eliminating the toxins, chemicals and tar from your body. This process happens surprisingly quickly.  A glance at the graphic will show you how fast your cells recover.  Smart quit once and stop smoking immediately.  To get the best results, it is recommended you call the Quit Smoking Brisbane Hypnotherapy Clinic.

Breaking the cycle of addiction:

Part of the treatment to quit smoking is to help you to re-wire the brain. To effectively break a habit, it is necessary to replace the dysfunctional habit with a new supportive habit.  This needs to be something that is healthy.  Smokers sometimes think they are addicted.  But they are not.  It is the habit of smoking that is hard to break.  The smoking habit is reinforced by the huge ‘sugar hit’ you get from each cigarette…  Yes, all your smokes have a big dollop of sugar added.  (What’s the most addictive substance on earth???)

The huge number of nicotine receptors inside the brain will turn to normal levels even after a single day of non-smoking.

Smoking cycle of addiction

Thinking about the Cost of Smoking

Smoking cigarettes is expensive. Not just because cigarettes cost about $5000 to $6000 a year, but because the loss of your health will cost you far more over time.   The most common health issue that comes from smoking is obviously cancer.   But most smokers do not realise that tuberculosis, bladder, bowel and kidney failures are just as common.   Everyone knows smoking is harmful.  It seems incredible to non-smokers why people not only willingly inhale poison, but that they pay a fortune to do so!  Smokers often refer to ‘smokes’ as their friend, their support, something that helps them out when they are stressed – but no one would keep a friend who daily tries to kill them.

Hearing and vision

Quit smoking treatment can help you gain a smart and sharp hearing. Mild hearing loss can be attributed to smoking. Most of us think hearing loss is caused by aging or an injury, but a huge % of hearing loss has developed from excessive smoking.

Smoking affects your vision, especially night sight.  Your hearing and sight are two modalities you need as you grow older,  don’t play Russian Roulette with these senses.  Once your sight and hearing are lost, they are gone forever.   It seems a simple solution to just stop smoking.    Call the  Best Quit Smoking Hypnotherapists in Brisbane if you want to allow your senses to start to heal, now.

Heart risks

Smoking damages your heart.  Worse still, if you smoke, most major surgeries cannot be undertaken until you stop.   By choosing to quit, the chances of heart risks can be diminished. Quit smoking lowers your blood pressure and simultaneously the heart rate improves almost immediately.   Stop delaying and contact the Quit Smoking Expert in Brisbane and Book your appointment to stop smoking now!


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