Quit smoking and live stress free

Other activities trigger your Smoking habit, feelings, smells, and even locations throughout your day.  That is why it feels as if ‘as hard as you try’ it is impossible to give up smoking.  But, in reality, as it is for everything, smoking always comes as a choice. And when you decide ‘now is the time’ and want to give up the stinking habit forever, quitting smoking becomes very easy.

As I said, certain things increase your desire to smoke. It might be work, stress, relationships, and life imbalance, or even peer pressure. But there will come a day when you finally decide to quit Smoking in Queensland.

Have you ever thought about your life as a Non-smoker?

Let’s imagine for a moment where you become a non-smoker.  Right now, that sounds like a miracle, right? However, every day, people give up smoking. To turn this fantasy into reality only takes a decision and 90 minutes if you are willing.

When you decide on quitting smoking, your life changes instantly.

Your heart and blood pressure drop back to acceptable levels 20 to 30 minutes after you finish your last cigarette.

Within hours your sense of smell and taste start to return. The scent of flowers, your partner, even the smell of freshly fallen rain, these is the things you are missing! I’ll bet you don’t even realise how delightful the food you eat tastes.

Your coughs and breathing improve in the first couple of weeks, and within a month, you will play ball with the kids as your lungs clear the residual tar deposits.

The good news is you won’t miss out on anything.   If you choose to quit using Quit Smoking Expert 4 step hypnosis program, you will experience no cravings, no withdrawals.  You will learn what to do so you will not replace smoking with eating or drinking.

It does not matter how many times you have tried to quit smoking cigarettes in the past.  Your past is not an indication of the success you will have now you have decided ‘you are over it!’ and now is the time to get rid of the smoking habit for good.

So, when is tomorrow coming for you? Don’t listen to that little annoying voice in your head that says:  You can’t stop smoking! You can and will – Book your appointment, and let’s get your life back!

A proven method to quit Smoking- Hypnosis

Smoking is a habit.  Like any habit, it holds power over you. Hypnotherapy helps you to get rid of the power and take back control. When you quit Smoking in Brisbane at our hypnotherapy clinic, you get rid of all three smoking dependencies.

The dependencies that come with smoking are psychological, physical, and habitual. Hypnosis changes the connection smoking has to all the other actions in your life.  Once the connection is broken, there is no longer any dependency, and it is ‘as if’ you had never smoked in your life.

Types of Dependency-

  1. Nicotine Dependency– When every morning starts with a craving for a cigarette.  There is two reasons for this. The biggest is:  habit.  Us humans are creatures of habit.  Pay attention to what you do each day – you will quickly see you do the same things, in the same way, every day. The second lessor reason is the nictotine. But this is minor really. Think about going overseas on a 10 – 14 hr flight.

It is far longer than you sleep each night. Yes, when you wake, the thought of a cigarette flashes through you mind, but it doesn’t remain – because you can’t have one.  Frequent flyers do not even have the thought until they exit the airport. You have been brainwashed (by tobacco companies) to believe nicotine and cigarettes are addictive.  The sugar content in cigarettes is more addictive.  Sugar is as addictive as heroin and it makes up 20% of the components in your smokes.

  1. Habitual Dependency- You develop smoking habits over time, like lighting a cigarette right before a cup of coffee, before driving, after meals, or, in fact, any other activity. Smokers have been taught that smoking calms your nerves, helps you cope with stress, emotions, etc.  So, you believe the rhetoric.  Your routine, habits, actions, and emotions all support your dependency and trigger the need for a cigarette.

  2. Psychological dependency- When smokers feel worried, lonely, or restless, they are highly likely to pick up a cigarette. If we use cigarettes to shift our emotions as a buffering method to deal with negative feelings, we develop a psychological dependency.

It is not hard to quit smoking! You just need to ‘want to’, not feel you must or have to. You will know when you are ready. There will be a deciding factor:  A few common ones:

Illness or health concerns; Having a baby; Being a good role model; a new job or perhaps you are Just over smoking cigarettes and the whole social isolation/stigma/smell thing.

Money or the cost often is said as a reason. It’s not a good one. We will always find money to do the things we want to do. The reality is, you will know! You cannot be bullied to quit smoking – especially using hypnosis! It must be your motives, your decision. Then, it is easy.

So, when you are ready. Book an appointment online to Quit Smoking in Brisbane with Stephen Gardiner, The Quit Smoking Expert. Over 7000 have become permanent non-smokers using hypnosis with Steve. They are now living smoke-free lives with lots more money in the bank.  When will you decide?

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