Quit Smoking Treatment In Brisbane—Facts You Should Know

Nicotine, the active ingredient in cigarettes, is more addictive than any other drug in Australia. Nicotine is not a substance you can easily stop using since it is so addictive. However, it may take multiple efforts to quit. However, there are several advantages. Quitters are less likely to develop cancer, heart illness, vascular disease, respiratory issues, infertility, and lung disorders such as COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder). There are a variety of services and products available to assist smokers in quitting for good. Therefore we have compiled a list of quit smoking treatments in Brisbane that are easily available. Many of these treatments have worked for people. Therefore, when you have decided to give up cigarettes, you might as well try these.

Different types of products and treatments for smoking cessation

  • Nicotine patch

Every day, you put a fresh nicotine patch on a hairless portion of your body between your waist and neck, such as your upper arm or chest. It has shown results in controlling smoke cravings.

Associated advantages

  • It is accessible without a prescription and available in a variety of dosages.
  • Extremely simple to use.
  • For a period of 24 hours, it is possible to control nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms.
  • It’s possible to combine it with other cigarette cessation

Associated disadvantages

  • If you experience sudden cravings or withdrawal symptoms, you won’t be able to swiftly change the quantity of nicotine you get.
  • Itching, redness, or irritation on the skin where it is applied are possible side effects.
  • Insomnia or vivid dreams are possible side effects.
  • Every 24 hours, it must be changed.

Nicotine Inhaler

A nicotine inhaler is a device that delivers a little amount of nicotine to your lungs. Nicotine vapour is emitted from a cartridge within the nicotine inhaler when you puff on it. Nicotine is absorbed into your circulation through the lining of your mouth and throat.

Associated advantages

  • Controls nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms when they occur suddenly.
  • It allows you to regulate the amount of nicotine you take.
  • It keeps your hands occupied.

Associated disadvantages

  • To reduce cravings or withdrawal symptoms, you must use it several times during the day.
  • Irritation in the mouth or throat is possible.
  • If you have a respiratory problem like asthma, this may not be the best option for you.


Varenicline is a prescribed medicine that can help regulate nicotine withdrawal symptoms and lessen cigarette cravings. It also reduces the pleasant benefits of smoking by blocking nicotine receptors in the brain. However, it takes days to achieve effective levels in the blood.  Thus, you should begin taking varenicline about a week or two before you quit Smoking in Queensland.

Associated advantages

  • Because it’s a pill, it’s quite simple to use.
  • It has the potential to minimise the weight gain that many smokers suffer after quitting.

Associated disadvantages

  • Nausea, sleeplessness, and vivid or unpleasant nightmares are all possible side effects.
  • May produce mood and behaviour changes, which should be reported to your doctor without delay.

Hypnotherapy for smoking cessation

Hypnotherapy is a type of treatment that combines hypnosis with recommendations and psychological counselling to help you achieve more control over your mind and body.

It is frequently defined as a focused and concentrated state of mind in which you become more sensitive to new ideas. It’s a natural process that feels comparable to being completely engrossed in a task. Moreover, it has shown effective results in helping people to give up cigarettes. Hypnotherapy works by breaking the negative habits and cognitive patterns connected with smoking. It might include smoking to alleviate stress or loneliness. Thus, it eventually works by replacing and gradually diminishing the quantity of addictive substances in your system. Quitting smoking with hypnosis may help address the unconscious motives for smoking as well.

Associated advantages

  • Hypnotherapy for quitting smoking requires no medicines and is a painless procedure.
  • In comparison to all other smoking cessation methods, Hypnosis works as a great alternative.
  • When used in conjunction with other therapies for depression, pain, anxiety, and stress, stop smoking hypnotherapy is very effective.

Associated disadvantages

  • You, the smoker, MUST want to Quit smoking.
  • Your Mum, spouse, brother or sister cannot QUIT smoking for you.  You have to book the appointment and keep it.

Want to stop smoking?

We are here to lend you a helping hand if you have decided to give up cigarettes. Moreover, our unique hypnotherapy sessions have a 95% success rate, and are backed by a Lifetime Guarantee (t&c applicable). So, if you have tried everything, perhaps you should try hypnotherapy.

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