How Can I Quit Smoking—Best Ways Of Smoking Cessation

Tobacco cravings or desires to smoke can be strong for most smokers. Your desires do not have any mercy on you. Remember that no matter how strong the need to use tobacco is, it will disappear within five to ten minutes whether you light a cigarette or chew a piece of chewing tobacco. You’re one step closer to quitting smoking for good each time you overcome cigarette urges. When you have a tobacco need, here are ways to help you fight the impulse to smoke or use tobacco. If searching on Google “how can I quit smoking?” landed you here, then you are going to learn a few easy methods to control your cravings. Let’s dive into it.

Best ways of smoking cessation

Tobacco cravings are most likely to be highest in settings where you previously smoked or chewed tobacco. For example, at parties or bars, while worried or sipping coffee. Determine your trigger points and devise a strategy to avoid or get through them without using cigarettes. Don’t make it easier for you to start smoking again. If you used to smoke while talking on the phone, keep a pen and paper handy to divert yourself with doodling instead of smoking.

Try to delay

If you’re about to give in to your tobacco addiction, remind yourself that you have to wait 10 minutes. Then do anything to keep yourself occupied during that time. Try heading to a smoke-free public area. These basic techniques may be sufficient to satisfy your cigarette addiction.

Physical activities help

Physical exercise can help you avoid or minimise the intensity of smoke cravings. A quick burst of physical exercises, such as jogging up and down the stairs a few times, will help you get rid of your cigarette urge. Take a stroll or jog outside. Try squats, deep knee bends, push-ups, sprinting in place, or going up and down stairs if you’re trapped at home or at work. If exercise isn’t your thing, try embroidery, woodworking, writing, or anything else. Alternatively, do something that will keep you distracted, so your urge goes away.

Don’t give in

To satisfy a tobacco appetite, you could be tempted to smoke only one cigarette. But don’t fool yourself into thinking you can just stop there. Having just one will lead to another, and you may find yourself smoking again.

Go for nicotine replacements

Inquire with your physician about nicotine replacement treatment to quit smoking in Queensland. The most common options are:

  1. A nicotine inhaler or nasal spray is available with  a prescription
  2. Nicotine patches, gum, and lozenges are available readily
  3. Non-nicotine stop-smoking drugs such as bupropion and varenicline are available on prescription

Nicotine gum, lozenges, nasal sprays, and inhalers are short-acting nicotine replacement treatments that can help you overcome strong cravings. These quick-acting treatments are typically safe to use with long-acting nicotine patches or non-nicotine drugs.

Electronic cigarettes have recently received quite good attention as a replacement of regular cigarettes. However, more research is needed to evaluate the efficacy of electronic cigarettes for smoking cessation and their long-term safety.

Try hypnotherapy

All you have to do to start your smoke-free life is pick the quit smoking hypnosis in Queensland that works best for you once you’ve decided to stop smoking. You can utilise hypnosis to help you overcome your nicotine addiction. All you have to keep in mind is that you are in charge of your sessions. You select what makes you feel at ease. It is all up to you.

Your hypnotherapist will begin by inducing you to determine your receptivity. They may then utilise deepening methods to help you relax even more and into a state of flow or trance. This method allows you to work directly with the subconscious mind, bypassing your conscious thinking mind.

In conclusion

If you are looking for quit smoking hypnotherapists in Queensland, we are here to help you. Consult with one of our hypnotherapists today at Quit Smoking Experts.

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