I have been mind coaching two olympic springboard divers and what struck me was the similarity between there dedication and courage and quit smoking. The divers have made up their minds, set their goals and focused entirely on going to the olympics and competing for a medal. As with quit smoking you need to make up your mind to quit, set the goal to quit and put all of your focus and effort into quitting. With the divers quitting was not an option but with someone who wants to quit smoking quitting is the only option.
Get into this mindset and […]

New Year Goals

Many of us will set goals this coming New Year and within six weeks we will give up? Why is that? The goals are set with the best of intention and often if achieved will benefit us greatly, as an example quit smoking. The reason why we give up on these goals is that that are not attached or in alignment with our greatest values. You see when a goal is attached to our highest values it is easy to obtain, when it is not in alignment with our ou will not achieve highest values we will procrastinate and not […]