When you combine the price of cigarettes and smoking is one of the largest causes of premature deaths in Australia, the cost of smoking is enormous. The negative toll on your personal health and the health of those closest to you is often why our clients come to us to stop smoking. The financial cost of an ongoing smoking habit and the impact this has on the weekly budget is also another factor.




Understanding The Health Costs Of Smoking

The health costs of smoking may not immediately hit home.  However, figures published by the Australian Federal Government, state there is a tobacco related death in Australia every 28 minutes resulting in more than 18,000 smoking deaths every year. These smoking death statistics are shocking but they reflect a harsh reality; smoking kills. Smoking is associated with health conditions including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, eye disease and respiratory diseases. Any of these conditions are ‘life changing!’  Every smoker knows the risks.  However, while they can ‘ignore the personal risk’ very few smokers can ignore the fact that second hand smoke also harms their family and friends.

Understanding The Financial Cost Of Smoking

cigarettes-and-money-trapped-in-handcuffs-to-show-the-cost-of-smokingAlong with the health risks, smoking is a huge burden on your financial situation as smoking is expensive in the short and long-term. Using conservative figures, the cost of smoking a pack a day equates to $135 per week, hence upwards of $7,500 per year. Cigarette prices continue to rise as the excise on smoking increases annually.  Like it or not, smokers are a ‘easy target’ when the Federal budget is being produced.  So while smoking is expensive now, it will only continue to get more expensive.  Many families are suffering financial stress.  Quitting smoking is the quickest way to add money back into the family budget.

Imagine adding another $7,500 to your bank account, plus, more importantly, another 5 to 10 years to your life.  At Quit Smoking Expert have the answer.  Using our quit smoking hypnotherapy, we work directly with your subconscious mind. Our 4 step process changes your habit of smoking, into a new healthy habit of breathing fresh air.  We can guarantee the result, because we only work with clients who have decided ‘they want to quit smoking.’   You decide, the Quit Smoking Expert makes it happen.

Eliminate the physical and financial cost of smoking, and quit now. Reach out and speak to us on 1300 64 53 54 or contact us today to make a booking.