Our proven quit smoking hypnotherapy grew out of a public health need. Cigarettes and smoking are one of the largest preventable causes of death and disease in Australia. Although the adult smoking rate has been steadily declining, smoking and addiction still remain an issue for many people who are looking for a way to stop smoking for good. The Quit Smoking Expert provides a proven service using clinical hypnotherapy to remove the desire to smoke, in a 60 minute session. Our quit smoking hypnotherapy program has rapidly increased in popularity, as people see it as an easy way to stop smoking and taking back control of their lives.




How Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy Works

How quit smoking hypnosis works is by replacing the ‘habit’ of smoking with a new habit of breathing fresh air!

Most people think that the nicotine in tobacco is a highly addictive substance. All research has shown that nicotine is not addictive, but we have been taught that it is addictive. Smoking tricks the subconscious mind into thinking that it (smoking) is linked to safety and survival. How this happens is that most people start smoking between the ages of 13 and 18. At this time, a teenager is trying desperately to ‘fit in’ or ‘belong’ to a group. Smokers are a group. If your mates, parents or someone you want to associate with smokes, you will join the group, to fit in. After time, your subconscious mind believes that, as ‘safety is in belonging’, then smoking keeps you safe. That is why smoking has such a hold over you.

Perception of Relaxation

Cigarettes creates perceived feelings of momentary relaxation, increased energy and improved concentration.  In reality, nicotine is a stimulant which has the opposite effect to relaxation. The nicotine in cigarettes cause the blood vessels to constrict which interferes with the blood circulation and causes your blood pressure to rise rapidly. This increases stress.  The feeling of energy is due to the ‘sugar hit’, 20% of cigarettes is sugar!

These feelings of relaxation are short lived and do not actually come from the nicotine but the ‘action of smoking’. The action being: taking a deep breath and also the movement of the hand to the mouth and sucking. It is the adult equivalent of sucking a dummy or a pacifier!

Many mainstream methods of quitting smoking neglect to recognise how complex the issue of smoking dependence is.  The ‘actions’ or triggers of smoking are deeply rooted in subconscious,  and most methods to ‘quit’ only address the physical cravings. This is what sets our quit smoking hypnotherapy apart.

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The Easy Way To Stop Smoking

Hypnotherapy involves harnessing the power of the mind and addressing cravings and urges on a subconscious level. We work together with you to identify certain triggers or associations that give you the urge to smoke and through utilising the power of quit smoking hypnotherapy, we can help you get your life back on track. Quit smoking hypnotherapy involves effort from both parties, if you want to stop smoking and your motivation is truly present, then our quit smoking hypnotherapy is ideal for you.

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