Quit Smoking Hypnosis

In one 60-minute session, you will permanently quit smoking and, backed by our lifetime guarantee, there is no reason to wait any longer.

95.6% of my clients are non-smokers for life after only ONE sixty minute session.

Quit Smoking

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I am so confident in my 4 step process,  if you are not 100% successful immediately, all future sessions are FREE!

- Steve Gardiner

Quit Smoking Expert

Praise for Steve Gardiner:

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Thank you so much for doing your job so well!! I have never felt better and I love being a permanent non-smoker. I promised my son that I would pass on his message of thanks as well. He keeps giving me high fives! Thank you again.

- Kirrily

I have been breathing fresh air from the moment I walked out of our session in March this year and have never given smoking another thought since then.

- Mark

Gold Coast

I am still smoke free!!! I am very proud of myself. The money I have saved has paid(nearly) for my husband and I to go to Port Douglas for 6 days. I have also brought some clothes for myself and my girls.

- Therese


Our Lifetime Guarantee

A 60 minute Session is all it takes to Quit Smoking!

Have you tried just about everything to quit smoking and not succeeded?

Are you tired and frustrated because you can’t seem to quit smoking?

It’s Time to call the Quit Smoking Expert at
Transformation Coaching & Hypnotherapy

If you REALLY WANT to quit, you can be free of the smoking habit in just 60 minutes!!! And our service is backed by Our LIFETIME Guarantee! Our “State of the Art” quit smoking hypnosis combines the Power of hypnosis with NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and  coaching techniques to Guarantee 100% success to help you become a PERMANENT NON-SMOKER.

Meet us as a smoker and 60 minutes later,  you leave a PERMANENT NON-SMOKER – Guaranteed!

Call us today on 1300 64 53 54 or Book Online Now

We make it as EASY as 1..2..3

Become a permanent non-smoker. It’s not just what you do, it’s who you are; it’s not just your behaviour, it’s your identity as well.

Free Consultation

Book a FREE consultation to check if our process will help you to QUIT smoking in 60 minutes

Not sure if you are ready to QUIT?

Book a complimentary session to discuss your unique smoking habit.

Don’t want to travel?

We now provide quit smoking hypnosis through Skype so you don’t have to travel to see us.

What could you do with an extra $8000 per year?

That’s how much the average smoker saves by stopping smoking!

We help you internalise change, all your positive choices and behaviors become automatic reflections and manifestations of who you are as a PERMANENT NON-SMOKER.

You create a new self-image, a “new you” having all the attributes and benefits of being a PERMANENT NON-SMOKER. We will create a path between the current you and this new you. This image will be inviting, compelling and magnetic! I will teach you and propel you down this path to become a PERMANENT NON-SMOKER, a “new you”, having all the attributes and benefits of being a permanent non-smoker

Quit Smoking

The 4 steps of Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy

Our unique 4 step process and our high success rate allows us to back up our service with a Lifetime Guarantee.


We qualify that you want to quit. This is the key, you have to want to quit.


We educate you so that you understand what is going to happen and what your part in the process is.


We look at why you want to quit smoking and the triggers that cause you to smoke. We then use these to build a process just for you.


We use hypnosis and NLP to change your habit of smoking to a habit of breathing fresh air.

Meet our Hypnotherapists

Our team of Quit Smoking Experts is ready to help you quit smoking.

Do you want to read more about our team? Read More

See us in person, or online by Skype

You can be anywhere in the world and still quit smoking with our online service.

Skypenosis is a revolutionary way to quit smoking. We connect to you through Skype for your quit smoking hypnosis session. Now it doesn’t matter where you live, you can Quit in the comfort of your home without having to travel.

Get your free Quit Pack today

Get our FREE pack to find out more.

Your FREE pack contains:

  • $50 Gift Certificate  (instant discount may be used on any service we offer)
  • Quit Smoking – Guide to Your Success eBook
  • “Hypnosis & NLP – Guarantee your QUIT Smoking Success”  Audio CD
  • “Transform Stress into Power Meditation”  Audio CD

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In one 60-minute session, you will permanently quit smoking. Backed by our lifetime guarantee, and supported by our Payment Plans, there is no longer any reason to wait.

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