How amazing does that sound? We are certain that our approach to hypnotherapy will help you finally find the quit smoking motivation you need, not for a few days, or a few months, but for life. Our experts are so confident in the quit program and quit smoking hypnotherapy we offer that we emphasise this lifetime guarantee and offer it to all of our customers. We say this because 95.6% of our clients are now non-smokers for life, and we want you to join this growing list!

These results may seem incredible, and this can be you!

As part of our *lifetime guarantee, if you feel the need for a cigarette after your session, we will provide sessions free of charge until you feel comfortable as a non-smoker for life. Just call back within 7 days of your smoking relapse and we will help you get back on track. That’s our commitment to your successful quit smoking program!




Why Don’t We Offer A Money-Back Guarantee?

Our experts believe that a money-back guarantee creates an unconscious battle between the parts of our mind that want to quit smoking and the part that wants their money back. This means that people are not benefiting from the results of quitting smoking as they may start smoking again just to get their money back. Our programs offered this in the past, but it became evident through quit smoking statistics that around 20% of people would come back just for this reason. We now offer an exclusive guarantee which states: if you feel any cravings or the need to smoke after your initial session, and you contact us immediately (within 7 days) any follow-up sessions are free as a part of our lifetime guarantee. With this small change, our success rate changed and we now find that more than 95% of people have stopped smoking forever as a result. Do you want to be like this too?


*T&C’s apply


Ultimately, no quit smoking statistics could be more meaningful to us than the success of your journey towards quitting smoking forever. If you want to quit, then we commit to helping you with our quit program. We want you to stop smoking and we are committed to that goal!
So if you are serious about quitting and you’re ready to see the results of quitting smoking, call us on 1300 64 53 54 or contact us today.