Ask yourself this question, ‘why quit smoking’? Was your answer for better health, more control of your finances, or maybe as a gesture to the family you love so much. Regardless of your motives, quitting smoking can feel like an impossible task. The stress, agitation, nausea and headaches that follow can be overwhelming. Which may lead you to ask yourself, is it all worth the effort? Especially if smoking makes you feel calm and relaxed. With our unique 4-step process you can avoid the symptoms of withdrawal and begin your smoke-free life after just 60 minutes.




Why Quit Smoking Now

In Australia, smoking is one of the largest causes of preventable deaths. Smoking takes a toll on your health, radically increasing your risk of developing diseases such as cancer, bronchitis, stroke, blindness, and diabetes. On top of the enormous financial cost of maintaining the habit, smoking also negatively impacts loved ones around you through the spread of second hand smoke. Although these facts may sound scary, it is never too late to take action and declare ‘I want to quit smoking!’

Why Quit Smoking? Break the habitThe Benefits Of Quitting Smoking

Quitting smoking doesn’t have to be a lengthy and challenging journey. With our 4-step process you can be free of the desire to smoke in just SIXTY MINUTES. In this short space of time, you can start, and complete, your journey and enjoy the benefits of quitting, which far outweigh the costs. Once you quit, your sense of taste and smell will gradually improve. The risk of chronic disease and premature death will be drastically reduced. Your body and your wallet will thank you, but more importantly, those around you and closest to you will live happier and healthier lives.

Instead of asking, ‘why quit smoking now?’ Ask yourself, ‘what’s holding me back?’ Many traditional methods for quitting smoking purely address the physical symptoms of quitting and leave you in a state of agitation subsequently. Our method is calming and gentle, helping you avoid the symptoms of withdrawal. We use hypnotherapy to make quitting a smoother journey by addressing smoking on the physical and subconscious level. We will determine core triggers, eliminating both the short-term physical symptoms of quitting and the long-term psychological desires to return to smoking.

Our treatments are backed by a lifetime guarantee, so call us today on 1300 64 53 54 or contact us. Quit now and feel proud every time you get the chance to say ‘I quit smoking!’