Meet our ‘Quit Smoking’ Team

Steve Gardiner – Hypnotherapist, Anxiety and Trauma Therapist and Life Coach


Steve is an expert hypnotherapists Steve’s background as an agronomist consulting on and curing tobacco growth systems which means he was intrinsically linked to smoking long before he attained his mastery of hypnosis. Certainly with his first-hand knowledge of tobacco and the effect it has on the body, he is uniquely placed to help people transition from smoking addiction to a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle.


In 2006, Steve began training with world-leading human behavioral specialists and Masters of Hypnotherapy. He has trained with, and has Certifications from:

  • QC Seminars  – Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes Certificate
  • Real Education –  Real Coach – Level 5
  • Tad James and American Hypnotherapy Ass – Master Hypnotherapy Trainer
  • Rick Collingwood – Diploma of Hypnosis
  • Dr John DeMartini  – Facilitator & Human Behavioral Therapist
  • Melissa Tiers –  Integrative Life Coach
  • The Richards Trauma Process – Mentor, Trainer and Certified Therapist

Steve is now a business owner and health facilitator combining decades of experience in speaking, coaching and hypnotherapy to help people give up, and permanently stay clear, of smoking. In his own words:

“I believe that we are all here on this earth for a purpose. When you see the balance in the world, the emotions that stopped you from living your life in line with what you believe rather than how society thinks you should do, disappear.”

Specialising in one-on-one consultations, (face-to-face or ZOOM), Steve utilises his 4-step process to enable people to become permanent non-smokers.  Steve trains our hypnotherapists to use his unique hypnosis process.  


Being an ex-soldier, Steve has a passion for working with clients resolving long term anxiety, stress, depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD.  Due to his own experience, Steve knows that  smoking, drinking, gambling and other addictive behaviours can be ‘symptoms’ of an un-resolved past emotional event.  If you, or anyone you know, has long-term depression, panic attacks or stress, please suggest they give Steve a call.  Transformations Coaching & Hypnotherapy offer 30-45 minute free consultations to discuss and offer solutions.


Joslyn Gardiner – NLP Master, Speaker and motivator, Hypnotherapy expert

Joslyn understands human behavior and psychology  extremely well. As a certified life coach, NLP Master Trainer, hypnotherapists and Demartini Method® Facilitator skills, she is wears many hats. Joslyn volunteers, in her spare time, as a ‘Mind Coach’ for Junior Elite Athletes.

Being born with a passion for teaching has resulted in Joslyn facilitating personal development workshops and Retreats.  Certainly, her clients are challenged  to identify what they truly value and what they fear because when clients discover what is holding them back, their life changes, most importantly, so do their results. 

Meet our ‘Quit Smoking’ Associate Team

Due to the proven success of our unique ‘Quit Smoking’ 4-step process we began our Quit training program in 2014. As a result we personally select, train and certify ‘Quit Smoking’ hypnotherapists across Australia and Internationally. Each hypnotherapist is trained individually ensuring that you, the client, receives the same professional and reliable service as you would find in our Brisbane clinic. 


Daniel Zalcberg

Ki Wellness Pty Ltd,

1 / 60 Snowdon Ave CAULFIELD, VIC 3162


Frances Bueno

Happy and Healthy Wellbeing Centre

Suite 3 – 522-524 Kingsway

Miranda, Sydney, NSW  


Cathy Barrow

Quit Smoking Expert Victoria

Geelong, Victoria