Hypnosis and smoking – What is the cost?

When thinking about hypnotherapy for smoking, cost is a concern for many people. If you’ve been sold the idea that treatment is a lengthy and expensive process there is often a natural skepticism when it comes to paying to drop your bad habits for good. So, what are the costs of quitting smoking? Well, we prefer a different questions. What would it cost to keep going?

Retail figures compiled by AC Nielsen show that over $3.5 billion worth of cigarettes were sold in supermarkets last financial year. Think that’s high? That figure itself was a 7.2% increase on the previous year with 10.4 billion cigarettes sold in total.


On top of this, Australian smokers spend, on average, between $6,500 and $10,000 on cigarettes each year. Imagine where that extra money could go in your budget? If that figure is too large to think about, this table might help illustrate what money you’re losing each week you continue to smoke:


Pack / Day (20) $$$ Day $$$ Week $$$ Month $$$ Year
1 18 126 546 6552
1.5 27 189 819 9828
2 36 252 1092 13104
2.5 45 315 1365 16380


blurred-woman-breaking-a-single-cigarette-in-half-at-the-centreYour Personal Stop Smoking Clinic

Imagine if there was a way to instantly put $10,000 back in your pocket? Well, there is. Using hypnotherapy to give up smoking is the fastest way to save money and improve your health simultaneously. Consider us your stop smoking clinic. Or your personal financer. Either way, we’ll be putting money back in your life and improving its quality too. When it comes to hypnosis for smoking, cost upfront is offset by a lifetime of saving money that would once have been burned up by cigarette purchases. You CAN stop smoking with hypnosis. All you need to do is DECIDE and then pick up the phone and CALL 1300 64 53 54.


Stop Smoking Through Hypnosis

Your health is always your number one priority. In the ebb and flow of life it’s the constant that allows you to enjoy the little things. So, when you feel like your smoking is getting out of hand, there is a solution that’s not only proven and widely clinically used, but pales in comparison to the lifetime costs of not kicking your habit. The truth is, some things are worth more than money. The smile on your grandkids faces. The rush of breath that hits your lungs as you walk on the beach. An unforgettable sunrise. Thanks to our revolutionary 4-step process we GUARANTEE FOR LIFE a positive result. The kick to quit you’ve been waiting for. Hypnosis and quit smoking go hand in hand. We make the connection.

So, if you’re still wondering, does hypnosis work for smoking? We’ll tell you right now that we believe in our hypnotherapy systems so strongly we’ll even make a promise – If, for any reason, you feel the desire to light up a cigarette again, call us immediately and we’ll reschedule another session – FREE OF CHARGE.


We don’t beat around the bush. And we don’t hide the confidence we have in our system. Our hypnotherapy to give up smoking system works and we want to help you succeed. We offer interest free payment plans to help suit your lifestyle. More than that, you pay one price. That’s right. The hypnotherapy for smoking cost is a one-off payment. Just one. To become a non-smoker for life. And when you achieve a goal of that magnitude, can you really put a price on a cost like that?

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