Wondering what to expect after hypnotherapy with us?

Let us outline what to expect. You arrive at offices as a smoker, you leave after 90 minutes, (30 minutes discussion and 60 minutes to quit smoking,) a permanent non-smoker, your smoking cessation goals reached! You will be given information at your session. There is an sheet containing health information. Read it! You will also be given a recording to listen to, either as a CD or a MP3. You will listen to the recording once a day for the next 30 days. It is only 30 minutes. This recording ensures that the new habits embedded during your session are reinforced to ensure the new habit of ‘breathing fresh air’ becomes a permanent habit. It is the New You!

That’s it. There is nothing more to do. Simple isn’t it!




Through experience with our clients we have found three broad categories within the quit smoking timeline. 33% of our patients never again feel the desire to smoke or even think about smoking again. This is of course the most desirable result and shares with you the full benefits of stopping smoking.

Another 33% of our treated patients will have thoughts about cigarettes and smoking. They have no cravings, but when they find themselves in a position that is a trigger for them, finishing a meal, drinking at a bar with friends they have a fleeting thought about a cigarette which threatens their smoking cessation goals. As quickly as the thought comes, the thought is gone and they will go about their day without smoking.

About 30% of people can be persuaded or influenced to “just have one cigarette”. This is best avoided by being aware of your habits and routines.  It is these that can trigger your brain into craving a cigarette and giving you smoking withdrawal symptoms. For most people its having a drink, after a meal or taking a break.

Reframes and Triggers

If you land in this group of patients it is important to take measures to stop from falling back into old habits. If you do have a momentary lapse do not give up! PICK UP THE PHONE and CALL your Quit Smoking Expert. We will arrange another session, called a reframe, as soon as possible, to reinforce the new habit and add in extra “anchors”.

Occasionally, there has been a ‘trigger’ that has been missed, or not thought of.  Occasionally, the unconscious mind still believes it is ‘getting a benefit from smoking’ and the reframe hypnosis will sort this out. The important thing is to call. We cannot help you if we do not know.

We do get people coming to see us who are not ready to give up. This makes up 4% of our patients who we cannot successfully help accomplish smoking cessation. To achieve this quit smoking process and live your healthiest life you need to be READY and COMMITTED!

So, What Should YOU Expect After Your Session To QUIT Smoking?

happy-family-jumping-with-joy-on-the-beach-at-sunriseIf you seriously want to give up smoking, hypnosis can help. Without being able to predict exactly how you will react after the session we cannot tell you which of the above groups you will end up in. The only way to know is book a session with us and we will support you through the process no matter which group you belong to with our lifetime guarantee. If you’re searching for natural ways to quit smoking, our proven hypnotherapy treatment is gentle, relaxing and completely non-invasive.

Enjoy the benefits of not smoking and breathe easily, quitting smoking will reduce stress, increase energy, lead to a better sex life, stop rapid ageing and live a longer life.
To begin your new life of increased health and wealth, please call us on 1300 64 53 54 or contact us today to get started.