Are you prepared to change your life through quit smoking hypnosis? Queensland. The sunshine state. Boasting over 300 days of sunshine a year and home to some of the world’s finest beaches, rainforests and theme parks. When it comes to having fun with the family there is no better place in Australia. However, if your smoking habit means you’re stuck in a crowded smoking area instead of having fun then it might be time to quit. Our quit smoking hypnosis guarantees that you’ll spend less time lighting up and more time with your loved ones. As the Quit Smoking Expert we want you to stop smoking for good so we offer distance hypnotherapy to help you quit from the comfort of your own home!




Offering Online Hypnotherapy To Help You Quit Smoking

We understand it isn’t easy for many people to find the time to seek treatment for their smoking habit. So we make things easy by offering convenient and flexible distance hypnotherapy, offered via Skype, or Zoom, to ensure no one is denied access to the quit smoking treatment they need.

Face to Face or  ONLine:  via ZOOM or Skype

There is a huge benefit of using hypnosis to quit smoking.   You can be seated in your therapists consulting rooms or safely seated in your own home with your therapist thousands of kilometers away, and your quit smoking session will be equally successful!  In fact, some of our clients prefer hypnosis delivered this way, as the ‘therapist is right in your head’, it is almost like your mind is speaking directly to you.   We enjoy outstanding results and work with clients throughout Australia and internationally, every week!

Here’s Why You Should Stop Smoking

The sun is shining and the birds are chirping, it’s Saturday morning and your kids are bored. You try and park them in front of the TV but they aren’t interested, they run outside and suddenly you’ve been roped into a soccer game in the backyard. After a few minutes you’re huffing and puffing and think:

‘These kids, they just don’t stop running do they?’

You want to be there as much as possible for your kids but if that pack a day habit is holding you back then quitting should be a priority. By giving up smoking, not only are you decreasing your risk of heart disease and cancer but you’ll be ready and willing the next time your kids need you to join them in the backyard.

‘But where do I start?’

Maybe ‘how to quit smoking’ is a question you’ve wrestled with before. If you’ve tried patches, nicotine gum, e-cigarettes, or even tried quitting cold turkey, you know how challenging it is to give up the habit for good. With our quit smoking hypnotherapy, the answer is available in a simple one hour session. Hypnotherapy is a quick, easy and non invasive way of quitting and all it takes is 60 minutes!


hand refusing a cigaretteOur Smoking Cessation Lifetime Guarantee

As the Quit Smoking Expert we guarantee you will never touch another cigarette again. Using the power of your subconscious, our quit smoking hypnosis is able to turn your addictive behaviours into anchored healthy behaviours, so that when you say you’ve quit smoking you really mean it.

Our quit smoking hypnotherapy boasts a 95.6% success rate but we know what you’re thinking

‘What if i’m the other 4.4%?’

You know, sometimes life just happens! There are no 100% guarantees. Occasionally, the ‘unconscious mind’ still believes it is getting a ‘benefit from smoking’. It’s not a failure, it just means another hypnosis is required to address that issue.

If your smoking cessation isn’t permanent, or you have cravings of any sort, simply call us within 7 days, but preferably immediately, and we will provide all follow-up sessions absolutely free. Our lifetime guarantee means that if something happens to create a desire to want to start smoking again, then contact us immediately.  There’s no shame, occasionally it happens!

But we can’t help, if you don’t let us know!

Call us on 1300 64 53 54 or contact us today to make the healthy change.