The process of quitting smoking begins with your desire to quit. The decision to quit smoking is a difficult one though, we understand the process you have gone through to come to this decision. Most likely you have tried several ways to break the habit and to quit smoking before, but then jumped back on the smoking bandwagon. That is because smoking is a habit in your subconscious and unless you replace this habit with a new healthy habit, unfortunately, you will eventually to revert back to smoking.

This is where our quit smoking methods can help you, with our 4-step process covering your smoking cessation timeline.




There are many ways to quit smoking and it can become confusing with all the information available. We have found our easy and quick 4 step process to be the most successful and guaranteed results.

This System Makes Breaking the Smoking Habit Easy. With a success rate of more than 95.6% our patients are quitting smoking for good.

Step 1

Qualification. At your appointment our specialist will determine that you are 100% committed to quitting smoking for your own benefit. Hypnosis requires you to have decided and want to quit smoking for YOUR own reasons.

Step 2

This is our education step. Walking you through the process to ensure that you understand how we are going to help you stop smoking cigarettes and that you are comfortable with the process.

Step 3

The Customisation step. Your therapist will establish, when, how and why you started smoking, what triggers you to light up a cigarette. You will be asked, when you smoke, how often, who with. These details are all relevant and essential to obtaining the best result.

Step 4

Elimination step. Armed with this information you will be placed into a light hypnotic trance so that your therapist can work directly with your subconscious mind to replace the unwanted habit and anchor in new, healthier behaviours. Neuro-linguisting programming, anchoring, and coaching techniques will be used to ensure when you emerge from your hypnotic trance, you will be a non-smoker for the remainder of your life.


Break the smoking HabitThe process of quitting smoking will continue for 30 days after your consultation, where you will be required to listen to your quit smoking support CD or MP3. This is part of the process and is essential to further cement the habit replacement technique to guarantee you stay a non-smoker for life. That is our unique difference.

We support you completely through your stop smoking timeline as well as after to make sure you remain a non-smoker for life.

How Do The Quit Smoking Cessation Programs Benefit You?

100% Pain Free
No Chemicals Used
No Expensive Patches or Pills
No Major Life Interruptions
Quick and Easy.

Don’t hesitate and don’t let your dreams of living your best and healthiest life wait. The process of quitting smoking begins with a single click or call, so let us help you quit smoking cigarettes for life!

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