Have you always wanted to know how hypnosis works? Or how it can actually help to improve your life? Many people think of stage shows and entertainment value when they think of hypnotherapy. What to expect from clinical hypnotherapy is entirely different. Hypnosis as a ‘therapy’ has been used in clinical practice for centuries and is a proven psychological phenomena, grounded in neuroscience. In fact, Europe, hypnotherapy is so widely accepted, it is offered as an alternative for anesthesia in hospitals for major surgery.




How Hypnotherapy Works

Are you wondering how hypnosis works? Hypnotherapy works within fundamental concepts of neuroscience of the human brain. Your mind works on two levels; the conscious and the unconscious. The conscious part of the brain focuses on thinking and analytics, while the ‘job’ of the unconscious mind is to focus on creative processes.

Conscious vs Unconscious Mind

If you could imagine, just for a moment, your ‘conscious mind’ as being about size of the chair that you are sitting on.  Now, imagine your ‘unconscious mind’ so huge it takes up the space of the whole of the rest of the room you are in. That is the power of the Unconscious Mind.  It is your ‘power bank’.  We consciously make decisions, we judge, criticise, accept, reject, like, dislike, and consciously ‘think’ about what and how to do things. We do all this in our ‘conscious mind’. However, the unconscious mind is the hard drive of our mind.  It is here we store our perceptions, our emotions and our habits. We can consciously decide to ‘do something’ but if the ‘unconscious’ has a feeling, or a memory, that ‘says’ that decision may be harmful, you will sabotage yourself.

We make decisions, think and act with our conscious mind but it is our unconscious mind that controls our outcomes.


Relaxing Trance

Our hypnotherapy uses techniques to relax your conscious mind and communicate directly with your unconscious mind. In this way, hypnotherapy benefits you as a completely gentle, relaxing and non-invasive treatment. Research has shown it is far easier to access and change lifelong habits in this state. Essentially hypnosis is a REM cycle of sleep, while still awake. In hypnotherapy, what to expect is not dissimilar to a calming rest.

Does Hypnosis Work To Quit Smoking?

In short, yes. Hypnotherapy benefits from decades of academic research and proven results. Our process only requires one visit and does not include pills, needles or patches or nasty side-effects.

Will I be safe in Hypnosis?

Our stop smoking hypnosis is completely safe. Hypnosis relies on the will of the individual, therefore, you won’t be hypnotised if you don’t want to be. It is impossible to be ‘stuck’ in a hypnotised state. Your therapist cannot ‘make’ you do something you would not normally agree to do. You are always in total control when in trance.  You are in charge of your results, so when you achieve your smoking cessation goal, You did it! How awesome is that?

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