Is Nicotine Beneficial?

For quite a few people, nicotine provides the benefits that some people get from caffeine or Ritalin: it helps them focus and be more productive, overcoming attention-deficit-type problems. For some people, nicotine provides relief from stress, anxiety, or panic. For people suffering from some severe mental illnesses, nicotine seems to provide great relief, which probably explains why a very large fraction of psychiatric patients smoke.
Nicotine is also suspected as the reason for the lower incidence of Parkinson’s Disease among smokers. And for those who have it, nicotine appears to reduce the associated symptoms.
Laws against smoking in public places are often […]

Accept Suggestions

Just recently at Quit Smoking Expert in Capalaba I had someone who found it really difficult to go into trance. Before the process I had emphasised to him that he would need to accept all my suggestions 100% with no questions asked. I told him that he if did not accept my suggestions or questioned them the process of going into trance would not work. I also emphasised that I would not give him any inappropriate suggestions as he would not accept them and that it would not be good for my business if I had clients saying that I […]

How do you value you?

Recently at Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes in Capalaba I have had several people questioning the cost of quitting smoking. It is quite interesting as I have found that people are asking this question as they do not fully understand their choices. You always have choices, in this situation you can either choose to pay and quit smoking or decide that it is too expensive and carry on smoking.
Let’s look at the consequences of these decisions.
By deciding to pay and quit smoking you will become healthier, live longer and your chances of heart disease and cancer will drop dramatically. All […]

What’s In Your Mind?

Most smokers that I see at Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes in Capalaba have taken up smoking to fit in. the habit of smoking cigarettes has been put into the unconscious mind but has been warped so that the unconscious mind thinks that by smoking it is protecting you. When you have a habit like this, linked to survival, it can be hard to eliminate.
There are many ways to quit smoking but the biggest problem is that when you remove the habit of smoking from the unconscious mind you leave a void. Nature will not have a void and will […]


As they say perceptions are reality and that is why it is really good not to have perceptions of hypnosis but in particular hypnotic trance.
When someone has a perception of trance it does two things: it takes away from your concentration and if the trance is not like you imagined you think that you have not gone into trance. When this happens you then begin to question what has happened.
I had a customer at Quit Smoking in Capalaba the other day who did not think that she had gone into trance. When I asked her about this she told me […]