Social Smoking can Kill You!

When people classify themselves as social smokers it almost seems as if it is different from other smokers and that it is acceptable and OK.
Social smokers define themselves as people who may only smoke over the weekend, at a party or when they have a drink. In other words, they do not smoke regularly.
The problem is that when you smoke, either regularly or socially you are still introducing foreign chemicals that cause health issues into your body. You are still introducing nicotine that interferes with blood circulation and can cause strokes.
Social smoking is not acceptable from a health point of […]

Social Smoking

Many people smoke socially and it has become quite a trend. People think that if they just have a few cigarettes a week, usually on the weekend, with a drink and friends it is alright and will not affect their health. What many of us may not know is just how hazardous social smoking can be.
Why social smoking is so dangerous?

What is social smoking?

Social smoking is a term used to describe those who smoke occasionally, such as at gatherings on the weekends, when others around them are smoking as well. A social smoker will often light up when enjoying a drink at […]