Death, the ripple effect

It’s well know that for the majority of long term smokers your life will be shortened and the chances of a miserable death are quite high.
A lot of people say that they are not afraid of dying because they are thinking that their death will be quick. In the vast majority of cases death from long term smoking is usually prolonged and a miserable process.
This type of death can have quite a ripple effect on members of your family and friends. The most common causes of death from smoking are cancer and heart attack. You may argue that the heart […]

Social Smoking can Kill You!

When people classify themselves as social smokers it almost seems as if it is different from other smokers and that it is acceptable and OK.
Social smokers define themselves as people who may only smoke over the weekend, at a party or when they have a drink. In other words, they do not smoke regularly.
The problem is that when you smoke, either regularly or socially you are still introducing foreign chemicals that cause health issues into your body. You are still introducing nicotine that interferes with blood circulation and can cause strokes.
Social smoking is not acceptable from a health point of […]

Smoking is cool

More often than not people start smoking at school because all their friends are doing it and it is “cool”.
Smoking at an early age increases the chances of you continuing to smoke into your adulthood and it can have some severe effects in your later years. These effects are:
Breathing problems
■ Tired muscles and delayed growth
■ Thick, sticky blood – making the heart work too hard
■ Failure to launch (lower ability to achieve an erection)
■ More belly fat
■ Zits Risks associated with continued use
■ Blindness
■ Arthritis and weak bones
■ Decreased circulation in toes or feet (possible amputations)
■ Heart attack and cancer
Probably […]