Be Honest with Yourself

I recently had a customer who started smoking again within a few hours of hypnosis. When this happens there is generally one of two things happening:
There is a part of the subconscious brain that does not want to let go of smoking. When this happens it is fairly easy to correct by a process called reframing.
The person did not want to give up. When I rang this particular customer to come back for a reframing session she refused to come back. After talking to her for a while she admitted that she did not want to quit smoking and had […]

Successful Hypnosis

To have a successful hypnosis session the customer must want to quit smoking and then trust the hypnotherapist. Without these two components the hypnosis session will not be successful.
As has been said time and time again the customer must want to quit smoking. It’s like all things in life, if you don’t want to you wan’t. It’s surprising the number of people that come to a quit smoking session that don’t want to quit. It seems a bit bizare but a lot of people come to a quit session because their partner has basically forced them to come. In this […]