Why do Farmers Grow Tobacco?

Farmers grow tobacco for the following reasons:
• It is a legally traded agricultural commodity for which, in global terms, there continues to be brisk demand;
• It thrives on the less fertile soils on the farm or region;
• There is no better cash crop in most environments suited to tobacco;
• As a rule, sale is guaranteed and price negotiated or determined by free auctions;
• Holdings are generally small in tobacco areas, necessitating high value cash crops to ensure family income;
• Good returns can be achieved per unit area of land;
• Tobacco-growing attracts sound infrastructure providing financial aid, technical assistance, transport and storage;

Successful Hypnosis

To have a successful hypnosis session the customer must want to quit smoking and then trust the hypnotherapist. Without these two components the hypnosis session will not be successful.
As has been said time and time again the customer must want to quit smoking. It’s like all things in life, if you don’t want to you wan’t. It’s surprising the number of people that come to a quit smoking session that don’t want to quit. It seems a bit bizare but a lot of people come to a quit session because their partner has basically forced them to come. In this […]

How to get the best out of Hypnosis

When hypnosis is used to quit smoking it is obvious that for it to succeed the customer has to go into trance and trust the hypnotist. Despite this customers will still resist or doubt and if this occurs there is a very real chance that they will start smoking again. Here are a few tips on how to get the best out of hypnosis:
Want to quit smoking – you cannot be made to do what you do not want to do. Despite what you see on the stage those people still wanted to show off and do strange things. Get […]

Cigarette Cravings and the Brain

Within the mind of every smoker trying to quit rages a battle between the higher order functions of the brain wanting to break the habit and the lower order functions screaming for another cigarette (Science Daily, Mar 2007)
Brain scans reveal that there are three specific regions deep within the brain that appear to control dependence on nicotine and craving for cigarettes. These regions play important roles in some of the key motivations for smoking: to calm down when stressed, to achieve pleasure and to help concentration.
“If you can’t calm down, can’t derive pleasure and can’t control yourself or concentrate, then […]