What You Think Is What You Get

What you think is definitely what you get. I see this lots and lots of time when carrying out quit smoking at Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes, Capalaba.
As with all things what you think can be positive and negative. It amazes me how the majority of clients think in the negative when it comes to quitting smoking. Things such as; I’ll have cravings or I can’t deal with stress. If you do think like this then it is highly likely you will have cravings or won’t be able to deal with stress. When you change the habit of smoking in […]

Your Smoking Supports Me

I recently had a woman who came to see me to quit smoking. She was prone to skin cancers and had decided to quit smoking. She decided that she would quit by willpower and to do this chose not to be around her husband when he smoked. Usually they would go outside and talk and smoke together but now she chose not to go outside with her husband and smoke.
Her husband had countered this strategy by saying that by not smoking with him she was not supporting her; he said “how can you give up smoking when I am so […]

You Set Your Boundaries

When we are born we all have the same abilities. If this is so why do some of us rise to the top of success and others of us do not. The answer is that we set the boundaries of what we can and cannot do. These boundaries are being set from the moment we are born and they are often as a result of fear.
Fear is both a positive and negative thing. It sets the flight response in us and gets us to move away from a potential dangerous situation or it can paralyse us and prevent us from […]

Sleep Problems

We all know that each person needs to get at least 6 to 8 hours of sound sleep. Sleep is an important factor in our lives. It helps us to rejuvenate our bodies, soothe our tired and aching muscles, as well relax our thoughts, and allow us to wake up fresh and energetic the next day.

It is estimated that 50 percent of people in Australia, UK and US are sleep deprived to some degree.

At some time, most of us have experienced what it’s like to have trouble falling asleep, to lie awake in the middle of the night listening to […]