Why can’t I quit smoking is probably the most heard question that I get at quit smoking in 60 minutes in Capalaba.Breaking cigarette
Here’s one of the big reasons why. Our brains are primitive and still think that we are in the caveman times. You will notice that there is always an urge to fit into a group, no matter how individual you feel. The reason for this is, that if you are being chased by a sabre-toothed tiger then your chances of survival are much higher. When you have that first cigarette your conscious mind goes,”hey!! This is cool I fit in. because of this the conscious mind then takes this habit of smoking and puts it into the unconscious mind. In doing so the thought process is as follows:
1. By fitting in I am part of a group
2. Being part of a group means that there is a higher level of safety and survival
3. Smoking means that it increases my chances of safety and survival

This means that your unconscious mind now allows you to smoke because it thinks that your chances of survival are increased by smoking.

People tell me that they can’t quit by themselves because smoking is a friend, don’t have the willpower etc. the real answer is that they have a habit associated with safety and survival.

The best way to break this habit is to reprogram the unconscious mind, the best way to do this is hypnosis.

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