Pain relief has been one of the most researched aspects of hypnosis and there are now many studies to prove that it is very effective. Among the benefits associated with hypnosis is the ability to alter the psychological components of the experience of pain that may then have an effect on even severe pain.
Hypno-analgesia is the term given to the reduction of sensitivity to pain using hypnosis. There are many studies to back up the findings that hypno-analgesia does give relief to pain. In experiments and studies it has been found that hypno-analgesia is associated with significant reductions in: ratings of pain, need for analgesics or sedation, nausea and vomiting, and length of stay in hospitals. Hypnosis has also been associated with better overall outcome after medical treatment and greater physiological stability. Surgeons and other health providers have reported significantly higher degrees of satisfaction with their patients treated with hypnosis than with their other patients.
It’s been found that patients who are most susceptible to hypnotic suggestion get the most lasting relief from pain, but people with even a moderate susceptibility to hypnosis also get relief. It comes down to how much you want relief and if you are willing to accept suggestions.

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