We all live our lives according to our self-image. In other words we live our lives according to how we see ourselves. Our self-image comes from our self-beliefs which in turn come from ourselves, past experiences and what other people have said.

Often with people who smoke cigarettes their self-image is involved with smoking. They see themselves as smokers. The good news is that we can change our self-beliefs and as a consequence our self-image

How do we change our image of ourselves? We imagine! You have built up a self-image of being a smoker is who you are by imagining. You can also increase your success of quit smoking by imagining.

If you are determined to stop smoking you can increase the likelihood of success by imagining yourself as a non-smoker. One of the most powerful words that we use with hypnosis is imagine. We ask your unconscious mind to imagine.

Imagine how your life will be when you stop smoking, imagine how much healthier you will be, imagine what it is like when you are not worried about the diseases that are caused by smoking, IMAGINE!


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