Cigarette filters

In 1925, inventor Boris Aivaz patented the process of making a cigarette filter from crepe paper, with some variants including cellulose wadding. Aivaz produced the first cigarette filter from 1927 in, but uptake was low due to a lack of the machinery required to produce cigarettes with the filtered tip.
From 1935, a British company began to develop a machine that made cigarettes incorporating the tipped filter. It was considered a specialty item until 1954, when manufacturers introduced the machine more broadly, following a spate of speculative announcements from doctors and researchers concerning a possible link between lung disease and smoking. […]

Subconscious vs Conscious Mind

We have two states of mind, the conscious and the unconscious. There is a vast difference in the size of these two states.
If you were to imagine a sitting room, then one of the chairs would be the size of the conscious mind whilst the rest of the room would be the size of the subconscious mind. It stands to reason that the bigger state of mind, the subconscious, will always win.
When you want to quit smoking cigarettes then to succeed changes need to be made in the subconscious mind. You may consciously want to stop smoking cigarettes but if […]

Is Vaping Safe?

Many people these days in attempting to quit smoking are turning to vaping (electronic cigarettes). The question is, is it safe?
At the moment the jury is out and that is because there is no real evidence that it is safe. Some countries are banning and others are allowing vaping.
Let’s apply some logic to this habit because after all vaping is just changing the habit of smoking cigarettes to smoking electronic cigarettes.
Nicotine is I believe one of the underestimated killers of smoking. When you introduce it into your system it causes your blood vessels to constrict and therefore interferes with your […]