Many people these days in attempting to quit smoking are turning to vaping (electronic cigarettes). The question is, is it safe?Electronic cigarette
At the moment the jury is out and that is because there is no real evidence that it is safe. Some countries are banning and others are allowing vaping.
Let’s apply some logic to this habit because after all vaping is just changing the habit of smoking cigarettes to smoking electronic cigarettes.
Nicotine is I believe one of the underestimated killers of smoking. When you introduce it into your system it causes your blood vessels to constrict and therefore interferes with your blood circulation. This in turn interferes with your cells getting the proper nutrition that they need which can lead to all sorts of complications.
If in your quest to stop smoking cigarettes, you are smoking electronic cigarettes with nicotine then I believe that it is not safe. In this regard there are many countries that are banning electronic cigarettes products with nicotine.
There are many electronic cigarette formulations that do not contain nicotine, so are they safe. It’s hard to say but once again logic would say that introducing foreign substances into your lungs is not a good thing. What chemicals are being used to help the formulations vaporise? Are these chemicals safe?
The answer is that at the moment we do not know but logic would say that the introduction of foreign substances into the lungs is not safe.
You could argue that with pollution we are always introducing foreign substances into our lungs. We know also that pollution causes lung cancer, why increase the risk more by introducing more foreign substances?
Again if we apply logic the best course of action is to quit smoking, be it cigarettes or another method that pollutes the lungs.

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