Can I be hypnotised?

When using hypnosis to help people quit smoking one of the most common questions asked of me is; can I be hypnotised?
The answer is that only a few people cannot be hypnotised. These are people with a low IQ or certain mental problems. Of course, if you do not want to be hypnotised and you resist then you will not be hypnotised.
All hypnosis is, is a state of focus and acceptance that causes a change of state. We all spend our lives going in and out of hypnotic trance. In fact, we spend about 70 to 80 percent of our […]

Quit Smoking and Breathe Fresh Air

Smoking is a habit; all the research shows that nicotine is not addictive. The secret to stop smoking is to replace the habit of smoking with another habit.
With most ways of quitting smoking the habit is removed but nothing replaces it. This leaves a gap in the unconscious mind. Nature does not like gaps so will fill that gap, usually by you going back to smoking. That’s why people go back to smoking after quitting. That gap needs to be filled with another habit.
This gap can be filled with other habits like exercise or eating. The problem here is that […]

You’re smoking an insecticide

The tobacco plant produces its own insecticide to protect it. This insecticide is called nicotine and it is very effective. If you brush up against a tobacco leaf it will leave a brown gooey substance, this is mainly nicotine.
Tobacco is produced by drying the leaves under controlled conditions. This process concentrates the nicotine in the tobacco, the stuff that you smoke.
This was well known in the past and tobacco was often used to kill pests in the garden or on crops. At one stage, it was common to soak cured tobacco leaves in water and then spray that water over […]

Smoking, The Adult Dummy

One of the most common reasons why people smoke is that they believe that it reduces stress.
The answer to this is yes it does and no it doesn’t. When the nicotine from your cigarettes enters your system your blood vessels very rapidly constrict and your blood circulation is reduced. When you are stressed your muscles clench and need an increased blood supply. You smoke which interferes with this supply, the result is that it increases stress!!
There is a part of smoking cigarettes that reduces stress and this is the hand movements of smoking and the inhaling and exhaling. In fact, […]

Do you really want to quit?

Many people come to me to quit smoking and say that they want to quit but there is a part of them that still enjoys smoking. My reply to this is somewhat brutal but you cannot sugar coat it.
Everybody likes a fair deal. If I was to ask you to enter into a deal where you got nothing from it and it disadvantaged, you I very much doubt that you will enter into the deal. Here’s the deal that you have with smoking cigarettes; for whatever benefit that you perceive that you are getting from smoking the flip side is […]