Am I in hypnosis?

I comment I frequently get from clients after doing quit smoking is, was I in hypnosis? The question here is what is a hypnotic trance? This is a hard question to answer as we all go into hypnotic trance in different ways and it varies from time to time.
There are many definitions of hypnosis but I like; “hypnosis is a state of focus and acceptance that causes a change of state”.
We all spend our lives going in and out of trance, in fact we will probably spend about 70% to 80% of our lives in a hypnotic trance. The easiest […]

Why Quit Smoking?

The 4 main reasons why people come to quit smoking cigarettes is:
• They are worried about their health
• The control that smoking has over them
• The cost of smoking
• Family
Interestingly enough the cost of smoking, although it often comes up, is never a main motivation to stop smoking. People will always find money to smoke cigarettes. On average, it costs someone $8000 per year to smoke. The question is why do people spend so much money on a habit that in most cases is slowly but surely killing them?
The saying, there’s safety in numbers, is very true as we are […]