The 4 main reasons why people come to quit smoking cigarettes is:
• They are worried about their health
• The control that smoking has over themquestion-mark
• The cost of smoking
• Family
Interestingly enough the cost of smoking, although it often comes up, is never a main motivation to stop smoking. People will always find money to smoke cigarettes. On average, it costs someone $8000 per year to smoke. The question is why do people spend so much money on a habit that in most cases is slowly but surely killing them?
The saying, there’s safety in numbers, is very true as we are often much safer when we are in a group. When you have your first cigarettes the conscious mind feels that you have joined a group. The conscious mind then transfers the habit of smoking to the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind then associates the habit of smoking with safety and survival, this is why it is so hard to quit smoking.
Hypnosis has been proved to be the most successful way to quit smoking. The reason why is that hypnosis allows one to give suggestions to the unconscious mind that breaks the programming that smoking helps with survival and safety. Unless you break the programming in the unconscious mind you will not stop smoking cigarettes.
Some frequently asked questions are:
What if I can’t be hypnotised? Just about all of us can be hypnotised, in fact we spend between 70 to 80% of our lives in a hypnotic trance. A small percentage of people cannot be hypnotised and this is because they have a mental disorder. Most people that cannot be hypnotised are those that don’t want to be hypnotised.
Can you make me stop smoking? The answer to this is no. if you don’t want to quit smoking then hypnosis will not help you. You have to want to quit.

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