Statistics on smoking in Australia

Smoking rates in Australia

How many men smoke in Australia?

In 1945 approximately 72% of Australian men smoked. (1)
The rate has been dropping since then.
In 2010 only 16.4% of Australian males (14 years or older) were daily smokers. (2)
The daily smoking rate among males (16 years or older) in NSW was 13.8% in 2010. (3)

What about women?

In 1945 26% of Australian women smoked. (1)
By 1976 this figure had risen to a peak of 33%. (1)
In 2010 the national daily smoking rate among females (14 years or older) of 13.9%. (2)
The daily smoking rate among females (16 years or older) in NSW was […]

Early Smoking Stunts Life

Men who had begun smoking cigarettes by late adolescence had much shorter lives than their non-smoking peers, a prospective study found.

Among a cohort of men enrolled at Harvard University between 1916 and 1950, those who reported smoking at age 18 had a 30% increase in all-cause mortality , according to G. David Batty, PhD, and colleagues from University College London in England.

And for deaths from smoking-related cancers, the hazard ratio reached 95% , Batty and colleagues reported online in a research correspondence in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

“Cigarette smoking in adolescence is common and continues to increase. Policymakers […]