Some Chemicals Found in Cigarettes

Here are some hidden chemicals you can find in a cigarette. The toluene in glue and cigarettes is a toxic substance that produces euphoria and irritation of the airways and lungs. Cadmium is extremely poisonous and can be found in cigarettes, it results in kidney damage. Tar is an ingredient found in roads and tires as well as cigarettes. A two pack a day smoker inhales one gram of tar a day. That is a quart of thick, gooey tar inhaled a year. Mothballs contain naphthalenes, also found in cigarettes. This proven poison causes reproductive and brain breakdown. The arsenic used […]

Does Smoking affect your skin?

Are you a smoker with an “it won’t happen to me” mindset? If the state of your health is not enough to stop you, is the price of your good looks?

It’s a fact — apart from sun damage, smoking ages the skin faster than anything else. So why are so many still lighting up?

Smoker’s face

The term was coined by medical dictionaries in the ’60s to describe the ageing effect cigarette smoke has on the skin. Wrinkles, a grey, lifeless complexion and bony contours were the words used — surely enough to scare off any potential smokers? Apparently not: 27 […]

Statistics on smoking in Australia

Smoking rates in Australia

How many men smoke in Australia?

In 1945 approximately 72% of Australian men smoked. (1)
The rate has been dropping since then.
In 2010 only 16.4% of Australian males (14 years or older) were daily smokers. (2)
The daily smoking rate among males (16 years or older) in NSW was 13.8% in 2010. (3)

What about women?

In 1945 26% of Australian women smoked. (1)
By 1976 this figure had risen to a peak of 33%. (1)
In 2010 the national daily smoking rate among females (14 years or older) of 13.9%. (2)
The daily smoking rate among females (16 years or older) in NSW was […]

Early Smoking Stunts Life

Men who had begun smoking cigarettes by late adolescence had much shorter lives than their non-smoking peers, a prospective study found.

Among a cohort of men enrolled at Harvard University between 1916 and 1950, those who reported smoking at age 18 had a 30% increase in all-cause mortality , according to G. David Batty, PhD, and colleagues from University College London in England.

And for deaths from smoking-related cancers, the hazard ratio reached 95% , Batty and colleagues reported online in a research correspondence in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

“Cigarette smoking in adolescence is common and continues to increase. Policymakers […]

Allow yourself to go into Trance

Just recently I was working with a customer who was finding it really hard to go into trance to quit smoking. He would allow himself to go into a light trance but when it came to going into a deeper trance he would not allow it to happen. When we explored trance and knew that he was going into trance and did not have to quit smoking he allowed himself to go into deep trance. After talking about this I found out that he has a fear of withdrawal symptoms. In the past he has given up but by the […]

Study finds tobacco taxes reduce smoking

Raising tobacco prices through taxes could help reduce tobacco consumption in low and middle income countries, a study published in the Tobacco Control journal has found.
During the study, researchers compared cigarette prices in 15 low and middle-income countries, including bidis (small, hand rolled cigarettes in India and Bangladesh) and found large price differences – indicating opportunities to raise tobacco prices through tax adjustments.

A uniform high excise tax ensures a higher price for tobacco products and can reduce the range of tobacco prices available in countries. It’s been found that higher priced tobacco products result in less tobacco consumption.

Key findings from […]