Smoking is like a clingy Ex

Smoking is like a clingy Ex

Smoking is like a clingy Ex that won’t stop bugging you

Smoking is like that clingy ex who just won’t go away – it may seem comforting at first, but it’s really not doing you any favours in the long run. Not only does it increase your risk of all kinds of health problems, from cancer to heart disease, but it can also drain your wallet and put a serious dent in your social life (who wants to be the one huddled outside in the rain, puffing away on a cigarette?).

But let’s be real – quitting smoking is easier said than […]

HYPNOSIS… What Is It Really?

We have all seen the Hypnotist’s shows on TV and on stage where the hypnotist picks random people from the crowd and appears to “make” them do all sorts of weird things. It is hilarious! and is meant to be. That is Stage Hypnosis – straight entertainment. However, there is a serious side to Hypnotherapy. In a Clinical Hypnotherapy session, the reality is very different…

At Transformations, we prefer to see our clients individually.  This is why:

Group sessions can and do work, but not usually for all participants.  There are many reasons for this.  No, it has nothing to do with […]

I’m Afraid To Quit

I’m Afraid To Quit

A lot of people that come to see us at Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes in Capalaba say that they are afraid or fearful about quitting smoking.
They see smoking as almost a friend: it’s always there for them and they have been doing it for a long time. What will they do if they do not have smoking?
Let’s look at this and the cost to you of thinking like this. Firstly it’s like a friend and it’s always there. If I was to offer you a deal in life where I would benefit but you would get nothing would you […]

Is Quitting Smoking your New Years Resolution?

Is Quitting Smoking your New Years Resolution?

The New Year can be an excellent time to get moving on your quit smoking goals. 

Great, You’ve decided 2023 is your year to quit; what next?  It’s time get prepared to meet your goals. Here are 6 tips to set you on your way to Quit smoking success.


 1.  Surround yourself with a support crew. 

This could be family, friends or workmates. These should be people who you can brief if you fall off the wagon so to speak. Part of your support crew plan should be them being briefed on what you’d like from them. You know […]

How do I quit vaping?

How do I quit vaping?

How do I quit vaping?

Vaping was once seen as a stepping stone to quitting. Instead, for many, it has become a replacement. While we still collect information on the safety of vaping vs smoking cigarettes, it is clear that vaping is still an unhealthy alternative.  Is it time to quit vaping?   

The good news is that the process to quit vaping is the same as it is for quitting smoking. The reason you vape e-cigarettes is the same reason you smoke. We tackle this with our hypnotherapy program. 

Vaping E-cigarettes is Trendy

E-cigarette use is also particularly prevalent among young people. Even […]

Vaping – A Dummy for Adults

                Adult Dummy?

What are e-cigarettes? Electronic cigarettes contain an inhaler, an atomiser and nicotine suspended in propylene glycol and water.

What do they look like? Like a normal cigarette including water vapour that resembles cigarette smoke. The products cost about $4 each and are approximately equivalent to one packet of cigarettes.

 Are they available? They are banned from sale in Victoria but are being sold online for personal use.

Health risks? Authorities warn that ingestion of excessive nicotine can cause vomiting, breathing difficulties and, in extreme cases, death.

There is a chance that by using […]

Filters Destroy The Environment

In this blog I thought that I would give you some information about your cigarettes. I find that with my clients at Quit Smoking Expert in Capalaba if I give them a better understanding of their habit there success rate in quitting smoking cigarettes increases. As the main success factor for quitting smoking with hypnosis is you have to want to I also find that by having a better idea of smoking helps with this motivation.

In 1925, inventor Boris Aivaz patented the process of making a cigarette filter from crepe paper, with some variants including cellulose wadding. Aivaz produced the […]


Sometimes your mind just doesn’t shut up.

I recently talked to someone who has quit smoking, and they were remarking on the mind chatter that is going on. They said that it was constant, and whilst it seemed to go away when they were busy, the moment they were not, the mind chatter returned, and it was really hard to stay on track with quitting.
Smoking is a habit that lies in the unconscious mind, and smokers train themselves well unconsciously to smoke under certain circumstances i.e.: boredom, drinking etc. If this unconscious habit is not addressed in the unconscious […]

Allow yourself to go into Trance

Just recently I was working with a customer who was finding it really hard to go into trance to quit smoking. He would allow himself to go into a light trance but when it came to going into a deeper trance he would not allow it to happen. When we explored trance and knew that he was going into trance and did not have to quit smoking he allowed himself to go into deep trance. After talking about this I found out that he has a fear of withdrawal symptoms. In the past he has given up but by the […]