Adult Dummy?

What are e-cigarettes? Electronic cigarettes contain an inhaler, an atomiser and nicotine suspended in propylene glycol and water.

What do they look like? Like a normal cigarette including water vapour that resembles cigarette smoke. The products cost about $4 each and are approximately equivalent to one packet of cigarettes.

 Are they available? They are banned from sale in Victoria but are being sold online for personal use.

Health risks? Authorities warn that ingestion of excessive nicotine can cause vomiting, breathing difficulties and, in extreme cases, death.

There is a chance that by using an e-cigarette when you are stressed will cause your stress levels to rise. Nicotine from the e-cigarette causes the blood vessels to constrict and your blood pressure to rise. This put you at more risk to stroke and adds more stress to an already stressful situation.

Apart from the health risks there is also the danger that e-cigarettes can trigger a person to smoke. In stressful situation it is the hand movement that lowers stress levels. By using e-cigarettes or other cigarettes you signal the body that you have to have these unhealthy crutches to overcome stress. Many people overcome stress without smoking by using other strategies other than cigarettes; one of the best is deep breathing. It is amazing what deep breathing can do to remove stress. In my practice in Capalaba, Wynnum, Manly and Cleveland I teach customers this technique and build it into my hypnosis process and it is very successful.

If you decide to quit smoking then make the cut completely. Nicotine is a very harmful product and it does not make sense to introduce it into your body in any way. It makes more sense to address the habit at the unconscious level rather than reinforce it by other means.

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Stephen Gardiner originates from Rhodesia, (Zimbabwe) then working around the globe before finally settling in Brisbane Australia. As a scientist, Steve always had an interest in human development, especially Mind Plastisicity and how we cope with stress, anxiety and addictive behaviours. Over the past 15 years Steve has assisted many clients to transform their lives by resolving the obstacles holding them back.

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