Electronic Cigarettes

What are e-cigarettes? Electronic cigarettes contain an inhaler, an atomiser and nicotine suspended in propylene glycol and water.

 What do they look like? Like a normal cigarette including water vapour that resembles cigarette smoke. The products cost about $4 each and are approximately equivalent to one packet of cigarettes.

 Are they available? They are banned from sale in Victoria but are being sold online for personal use.

 Health risks? Authorities warn that ingestion of excessive nicotine can cause vomiting, breathing difficulties and, in extreme cases, death.

There is a chance that by using an e-cigarette when you are stressed will cause your stress levels […]

Does Smoking Relieve Stress?

Does smoking relieve stress? The answer to this is yes and no. Nicotine causes the blood vessels to contract and therefore causes your blood pressure to rise. By causing your blood pressure to rise it causes an increase in your stress. Therefore smoking causes an increase in stress in an already stressful situation. It becomes a self perpetuating cycle.
There is no doubt that smoking can relieve stress but it is not the nicotine, it is the physical hand movement. The actual hand movement of placing and taking a cigarette from your mouth is the adult equivelent of putting a dummy […]

Time Out

Everybody who smokes connects the act of smoking with some activity in their life, these are called triggers as they are the activities that trigger a person to smoke. A lot of people that I see tell me that one of the triggers for them to smoke is to have time out. Taking the time to smoke gives them a break from the activity that they are currently doing. The movement of bringing a cigarette to the mouth also gives a calming effect.

Deep breathing can give the same effect. Instead of taking time out to smoke a cigarette, take the time […]