Is Quitting Smoking your New Years Resolution?

The New Year can be an excellent time to get moving on your quit smoking goals. 

Great, You’ve decided 2023 is your year to quit; what next?  It’s time get prepared to meet your goals. Here are 6 tips to set you on your way to Quit smoking success.


 1.  Surround yourself with a support crew. 

This could be family, friends or workmates. These should be people who you can brief if you fall off the wagon so to speak. Part of your support crew plan should be them being briefed on what you’d like from them. You know what sort of person you are, and if you don’t you should have a look at what your triggers are. How do you respond when you get just an ear to hear you out? Do you do better when you get tough love or do you rebel when pushed? Knowing these things will help you guide your support team to the kind of support you need. 


2.  Choose a method.

There are many ways to quit smoking. Some may not work for you. Absolute will and fortitude alone often fail. When we pair our willpower with a combination of methods we can ground ourselves to succeed. We at Quit Smoking Expert have developed quit smoking hypnosis. We’re so sure of it that we offer a lifetime guarantee. The great thing is all you need to quit is yourself and hypnotherapy services. No need for anything extra, just bring your willingness to get started. Other methods for quitting include, nicotine gum, nasal sprays and pharmaceuticals, cold turkey, acupuncture, and counselling. 


3.  Plan for life

Plan to adapt, know that no matter when you begin your quit smoking journey, little or big things will pop up that may lead you questioning your ability to quit. Know that your psyche will use life’s moments to have you question quitting. The good news is Quitting smoking with hypnosis helps you with the way your brain works in these scenarios. Real support when you need it. 


4.  Remind yourself of your motivations

When we remind ourselves of why we are quitting it can help shut up those excuses. Are you quitting for:

  • Health
  • Money
  • Family
  • All of the above


5.  Remember excuses are the devil on your shoulder,
and that critter is not your friend

Life Can be… complicated sometimes. But if you plan for problems, then you plan to adapt. One of the biggest reasons people don’t succeed is a failure to adapt, particularly to stressors. When life challenges us this is not a time to make excuses and start smoking again. Ongoing stress should also not be a reason to not start. I’ve heard many people struggle to get started because ‘it’s not the right time’ ‘ I need to get this in order first’ ‘I’ll think about it after Christmas (new year, my birthday etc)’. We are very good at creating excuses regardless of the goal. Some do it with food, some with alcohol, and we definitely do it with quitting cigarettes.


6.  Accountability

Sometimes it can be useful to be very public about your goals. It creates an extra support network and provides accountability for you. Own it, own your thoughts, own it when it is tough, own it when you are succeeding. We should all be more public about our ups and downs. As humans it is part of life. 

Here is an example of what you could post to Facebook:

Today I committed to quitting smoking. Tomorrow I am talking to someone about hypnosis to find out more about how that works. But for today, I am proud that despite smelling smoke over my neighbours fence, I did not smoke. Yay!

Now is the perfect time to quit. And you are definitely ready to. You know it.


2023 Plans? Quit Smoking!

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