Plain Equals Pain

Not long ago we at Quit Smoking Expert in Capalaba looked on in bemusement as the Australian government introduced plain packaging with horror photos for cigarette packs.

The fact is that if you want to smoke cigarettes then you will smoke cigarettes and no amount of changing the packaging will stop it. It certainly did not cause people to beat a path to our door to quit smoking. In fact it was quite interesting to see what people did.

At first there was a rush to buy cigarette holders which […]

Plain Packaging of Cigarettes

Since the 1st December 2012 all cigarettes in Australia have to be sold in plain packaging.

First impressions in Australia indicated that smokers feel that cigarettes taste worse in plain packaging – an unexpected side effect. The tobacco industry acknowledges that packaging is an important part of the sales of cigarettes but it seems as if this packaging gives some preconceived ideas of how the cigarettes taste.

Studies comparing existing branded cigarette packs with plain cardboard packs bearing the name and number of cigarettes in small standard font, found plain packs to be significantly less attractive. Additionally, research that asked young adults […]

Cigarettes: Plain or Branded Packaging

At the moment in Australia there is a big push to sell cigarettes in plain packaging in the hope that this will get people to stop smoking. I believe that this assumption at best is wrong. People will smoke no matter what package the cigarettes come in. Their aim is to smoke cigarettes and I believe that plain packaging will have no effect. It is a bit like the money for cigarettes, you will always find the money to but them. In Africa cigarettes are sold singly and there is no packaging involved, it has no effect on stopping people […]