Tipping Point

It’s important to have reached the tipping point when you want to quit smoking. Not the physical tipping point where your body has been damaged and you need to quit! The mental tipping point when you feel ready, the point when your want to outweighs your need to.
A lot of people come to me to quit smoking but they have been motivated by the things that are going on in their lives. Their lives are out of balance from things such as marriage failure, anxiety and stress etc.
When you are in situations such as this you really need to balance […]

Is Smoking Addictive?

Are you too physically addicted to cigarettes to free yourself from them?
Usually you start smoking when you are young and at first you own smoking and you can quit anytime. However bit by bit smoking starts to own you and eventually it does and many of us feel as if it is now an addiction. This is reinforced by the tobacco companies and the perception of society.
Most people have tried to quit smoking but have not succeeded and this reinforces the perception of smoking being an addiction. It’s not just stopping smoking that’s important but how you stop.
A Russian psychologist […]

Do You Want To Quit ?

Love of Smoking  :

At one stage you probably loved smoking, this love affair might still be strong or you may have realised that you don’t really love it any more.
Your love of smoking may be so strong that you can’t free yourself from it. People love, or think they love all kinds of people, substances or ideas that undermine or help to destroy them.
You may now hate smoking but you have been so locked into the habit that it is just to hard to give up. It’s easier to continue with the old and familiar.
I’m going to make a suggestion […]

Plain Packaging of Cigarettes

Since the 1st December 2012 all cigarettes in Australia have to be sold in plain packaging.

First impressions in Australia indicated that smokers feel that cigarettes taste worse in plain packaging – an unexpected side effect. The tobacco industry acknowledges that packaging is an important part of the sales of cigarettes but it seems as if this packaging gives some preconceived ideas of how the cigarettes taste.

Studies comparing existing branded cigarette packs with plain cardboard packs bearing the name and number of cigarettes in small standard font, found plain packs to be significantly less attractive. Additionally, research that asked young adults […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Smoking


Die-hard cigarette users claim many benefits to smoking, some are the following:

Peer group acceptance if peers smoke
Performance enhancement in tasks
Stress Relief
Some smokers enjoy the taste
Smoking is like a friend


There are issues with most of these perceived advantages. If a smoker attempts to change peer groups, they could find smoking to be a barrier to acceptance. The performance enhancement is minimal after the first few cigarettes a smoker has in their lifetime; from that point on, it is just a perception of enhancement based on the memory of those initial cigarettes. Weight loss and stress relief could be as effectively obtained […]