The Cost of Smoking

I ask my clients when they come in for quit smoking what it costs them. This is not just from the health view but how much money it costs to smoke. Most people cannot tell me. Why is this? I think it is for two reasons;
1. The cost to smoke is not seen in a lump sum. Payment is packet by packet and so the total cost is not seen.
2. People don’t want to acknowledge the cost.
The actual cost of cigarettes makes more impact in first world countries as taxation has made smoking expensive. This still does not prevent people from smoking. […]

Who’s in Control?

I ask all the people that come to me to quit smoking if they think that smoking and cigarettes controls them. It’s amazing how many people tell me that their smoking habit does not control them. They then proceed to tell me how they have to go to special places to smoke, they leave gatherings to smoke, and they go to service stations at night and pay exorbitant prices to buy cigarettes.
People also often tell me that they plan their day around smoking and yet still tell me that their smoking habit does not control them. Even so called control […]

Quit Smoking Redland Bay

Do you live in REDLAND BAY?  Are You Sick of Smoking?  Time To Quit Smoking?

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Steve Gardiner is passionate about helping people to Quit Smoking permanently and take back control of their lives.

Steve’s background as a Medic in the Army enables him to understand how smoking ‘hooks’ people and why it is so hard to Quit Smoking, without help.
With a 95.6% […]