I ask all the people that come to me to quit smoking if they think that smoking and cigarettes controls them. It’s amazing how many people tell me that their smoking habit does not control them. They then proceed to tell me how they have to go to special places to smoke, they leave gatherings to smoke, and they go to service stations at night and pay exorbitant prices to buy cigarettes.
People also often tell me that they plan their day around smoking and yet still tell me that their smoking habit does not control them. Even so called control freaks exhibit all the signs of being controlled by smoking and cigarettes. I would say without a doubt that smoking controls you. The reason why I say this is if the habit did not control you why would you get anxious when you can’t smoke? Why do you go out in the heat, cold or rain to smoke? Why do you leave loved ones to smoke? Why do you put up with the inconvenience of smoking?
As far as I am concerned smoking controls you and if you want to have more control of your life one of the best things you can do is to quit smoking.

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