This week I went to my doctor as I had suddenly developed a lump on my tongue which was quite painful. Don’t know how people can have piercings in their tongue. I felt like I had a boulder in my mouth. When I went to see the doctor he had a look at my tongue, did not say much but sent me to an ear, nose and throat surgeon. I started to immediately go into fear and started to play the movie of me having cancer of the mouth without any evidence at all. I played the movie without the script or the cast. When I realised what I was doing I pulled myself up and stopped doing it. The surgeon examined my tongue and the first thing he asked me was did I smoke and had I smoked in the past. It seems that a yes from these questions means that the chances of the lump on my tongue being cancerous would be extremely high. Yet another reason to quit smoking!! The surgeon cut the lump out and this morning informed me that it was just inflamed tissue and not cancerous. I have to admit that it was a big relief and made me even more grateful that I do not smoke cigarettes.

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