Facts about Smoking and Your Mental Health

Surprising Facts about Smoking and Your Mental Health

You probably know that quitting smoking reduces your risk for lung cancer, emphysema, and other physical ailments. However, you might be surprised to learn how much it can do for your mental health.  A recent review of research to date found that giving up the tobacco habit promotes positive feelings and mental wellbeing. More specifically, the study found a 24% lower risk of developing anxiety and depression and a 44% reduced risk of developing anxiety alone.  These psychological benefits are another compelling reason to say goodbye to cigarettes. Find out more about how smoking affects […]

Why Do Smokers Don’t Like The Word “Quit Smoking”?

Why Do Smokers Don’t Like The Word “Quit Smoking”?

There is a scientific reason behind, when it comes to finding the answer for this question. Smokers don’t like the word “Quit Smoking” because it’s simple and most smokers have been ‘convinced’ qutting is hard!  Smokers know nicotine is addictive, but what they don’t realise is the sugar in cigarettes is far more addictive and that is what causes their cravings and withdrawal symptoms.   Sugar is similar to heroin or cocaine as an addictive substance.

Cigarettes are Too Easy to Buy

Adults can stroll into a drug store and get a pack of cigarettes even though it is a known drug and […]

Can I trust You To Quit Smoking?

The other day at Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes I had an email from a lady who said that if she came to me to quit smoking cigarettes, could she trust me?
That is a really important question because if there is no trust then the process of stopping smoking will not work. In fact, when you think about it, it doesn’t matter what it is because without trust the process will not work. In a lot of cases people who come to see me have never experienced hypnosis before and therefore need to trust that I will do the right […]

Darn!! Started Again!

Around about 5% of the clients that come to see us at Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes for quitting smoking cigarettes with hypnosis start smoking again. Why is this so? I have been doing some analysis of our clients and have come up with two main reasons why people who quit smoking with us using hypnosis start smoking again.
The first reason is that the client did not really want to stop smoking cigarettes. You would think that if somebody came to see us they really did want to quit. Everybody that smokes needs to quit smoking but not everybody wants […]

The ideal quit smoking client

The other day I had a lady phone me enquiring about quitting smoking and it drove home the importance of having the ideal client for the process of stop smoking cigarettes to work.

She started off by asking me to justify the price of the process and that she could go down the road and get it done cheaper. She also said that smoking was an addiction, this is contrary to all research which shows that smoking cigarettes is a habit.

The lady continued by saying that I could not get her to quit smoking in one session and that it would […]

Is what they say about quitting true?

Just recently I came across this blog;

“When we quit smoking, most of us go through a fair amount of junkie thinking – the internal battle between our addiction and ourselves. Early on in smoking cessation, the dialogue can seem relentless. It’s often persistent, annoying and exhausting. It is however, temporary, and the less attention you give to unhealthy thoughts of smoking, the better. Thoughts of smoking just one cigarette have been the ruin of many good quitting efforts. It’s important for you to realize ahead of time that these mental contortions are a normal part of the recovery process.”

There are […]

Control. What me!!

One of the things that amaze me at quit smoking in 60 minutes here in Capalaba is that most of the people that have come to quit smoking do not see that the habit of smoking cigarettes controls them.

It is common to have a person sitting in front of me that by their own admission structures their day, no lives around cigarettes. They are constantly making sure that they have enough cigarettes so that they do not run out or they have to leave a gathering so that they can smoke.

Some myths about smoking

I was just recently reading an article of how a university in America was going to ban smoking on campus. In the article the writer said that few or if any people gave up smoking after 26 because it was so addictive.
At Quit Smoking Expert here in Capalaba we help a lot of people to quit smoking cigarettes in 60 minutes. Because of this I think we are in a position to say that this is really not true at all.
What we have found is that the majority of people that come to us to quit smoking using hypnosis are […]

Don’t replace one bad habit with another

At Quit Smoking Expert people come to me to stop smoking cigarettes in 60 minutes. They think that once they have quit smoking they will have a healthy life. It’s not that simple.

Quitting smoking cigarettes is really just the beginning of leading a healthy life. Unfortunately a lot of people do not realise this and become disappointed. One of the really bad habits that I frequently encounter is the substitute of food for smoking.

It is a complete myth that you substitute food for smoking. It is a choice […]

Stuff Health I Want to Smoke!

I had an interesting case last week from a client who came to see me at Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes in Capalaba.

The client had a heart attack and as a result he quit smoking. He had quit for two years but came to see me because he was getting cravings to smoke again. It was so bad that he was avoiding having any contact with anyone that was smoking. Since most of his workmates were smokers he was avoiding them and getting a reputation of being anti-social.

What was […]