Tipping Point

It’s important to have reached the tipping point when you want to quit smoking. Not the physical tipping point where your body has been damaged, and you need to quit! The mental tipping point is when you feel ready, the point when your want to outweighs your need to.
A lot of people come to me to quit smoking, but they have been motivated by the things that are going on in their lives. Their lives are out of balance from things such as marriage failure, anxiety and stress etc.
In situations such as this, you need to balance your life. The […]

Does Smoking Relax You?

Does a cigarette really relax you?  The facts are the opposite.  A cigarette actually causes more stress!

The heart of a smoker works so much harder, beating up to 10 000 extra beats every day as it struggles to pump the blood around the body because the arteries become blocked, restricted and clogged. Are you suffering from cold feet? It is because it does not receive enough blood.  This is why smokers have high blood pressure and increased risk of blood clots – because the heart has to work so hard to get the thickened blood through the veins and arteries. The effect […]

What are you missing out on this Christmas? – Guest post by Simone

What are you missing out on this Christmas? – Guest post by Simone

When you’re the only one left smoking – What are you missing out on?

With Christmas just around the corner, I’m thinking of my own personal memories of social gatherings and my loved ones. My grandfather was a smoker, and while I don’t remember exactly when he quit, I do remember he did quit for health reasons. I come from a large family and Christmas was a big event like it is for most people. Even in the early 90’s my family members who smoked did so away from the kids. But I do remember them not being as present. Rather […]