What’s does it really cost?

When people come to me to quit smoking at Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes we always talk about the cost of smoking.

What is interesting is that some people have an idea of how much it is costing them but the vast majority have no idea of the cost of their smoking habit. In Australia today it is costing $1 per cigarette. This means that the average smoker is now spending about $8000 a year.

Before using hypnosis I point this out and a lot of my clients are shocked […]

Is That Really True?

When people come to me to quit smoking at Transformations Coaching and Hypnotherapy I ask them why they want to quit smoking cigarettes. This is a vital question because it is the prime motivator for quitting.

The usual answers are health, money, children, control, smell and it is anti-social. But is this really the true reason?

There is a lot more under these answers and one needs to get to these to really have an successful outcome. If you look at a lot of the reasons why a person wants to quit cigarettes you will find that the underlying motivation is to […]

I’m Afraid To Quit

A lot of people that come to see us at Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes in Capalaba say that they are afraid or fearful about quitting smoking.

We use hypnotherapy to help people to quit smoking in 60 minutes and a key to this being successful is that the person must want to quit smoking cigarettes. if they are fearful about quitting then this must first be addressed.

They see smoking as almost a friend: it’s always there for them and they have been doing it for a long time. What will they do if they do not have smoking?

Let’s look at […]

What’s Underneath?

We sometimes get clients at Quit Smoking expert who go back to smoking after the quit smoking in 60 minutes process. There are usually two main reasons: the client does not really quit or deep in the unconscious mind there is a perceived benefit.
This perceived benefit in the unconscious mind was really brought home to me the other day. I had a client the other day that had successfully stopped smoking cigarettes with hypnosis for over a year and then started again.
When the client arrived I asked him to tell me what had happened and how it had made them […]

It doesn’t control me

Just recently at Quit Smoking expert in Capalaba I conducted a survey on clients to see if they thought that smoking and cigarettes controlled them. only about 30% of people thought that smoking controlled them which was quite surprising.

If you think about it the act of smoking cigarettes these days is very inconvenient. There are fewer and fewer places to smoke and it is more and more anti-social. People have to go out in all sorts of weather to smoke and interrupt what they are doing to smoke.

You […]

What’s Down Under?

At Quit Smoking Expert we sometimes get people who believe that they want to quit smoking cigarettes but there is something else going on underneath it all. Quitting smoking in 60 minutes requires all of your focus and attention to succeed. If you have something going on down under then the chances of you quitting smoking are significantly reduced.

I had someone come to me to quit smoking. During the initial questioning some of his answers lead me to ask the question, “what’s going on in your relationship?”.

This […]

Plain Equals Pain

Not long ago we at Quit Smoking Expert in Capalaba looked on in bemusement as the Australian government introduced plain packaging with horror photos for cigarette packs.

The fact is that if you want to smoke cigarettes then you will smoke cigarettes and no amount of changing the packaging will stop it. It certainly did not cause people to beat a path to our door to quit smoking. In fact it was quite interesting to see what people did.

At first there was a rush to buy cigarette holders which […]

What’s that you said?

At Quit Smoking Expert we are always looking at better ways to help people to quit smoking cigarettes and in pursuit of this we come across some interesting research. It makes sense that if you have a habit that affects your circulation then you can expect to have problems.

It appears that there is now more and more evidence that smoking can affect your hearing. I came across some recent research done in America and it makes interesting reading.

After making adjustments for other factors the results of the study showed that current smokers were 1.69 times as likely to have hearing […]

I messed up

I had a lady come to me at quit expert to quit smoking in 60 minutes. With this program I use a mixture of hypnotherapy and NLP to help people to stop smoking cigarettes.

One of the keys to success is that you have to want to, but you also have to have good reasons to quit. In other words you have to want to but you also have to have a why!

In the course of the discussion before starting the process of quitting smoking I asked her why she wanted to quit smoking. She gave me her reasons and at […]

The Trap

How dare you sneak up
Lured me with your scent
You have imposed a false lifestyle
And stolen my health
Big man, tough man, standing so tall
Glamour in adverts and movies
With your taxes and all

I saw you from childhood
I was conditioned to see
That this is the coolest
The best way to be
Dragged kicking and screaming
No will to resist
Into Venus flytrap I gradually slipped

Two dozen years later
Already tired and sold
How did it come to this
With your uncompromising hold
I can’t even work or answer the phone
Without reaching for a smoke
How am I so prone?

Ink now to paper desperate to stop
Smoke surely billowing
As these words are being cropped
With […]