I had an interesting case last week from a client who came to see me at Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes in Capalaba.Healthy Heart

The client had a heart attack and as a result he quit smoking. He had quit for two years but came to see me because he was getting cravings to smoke again. It was so bad that he was avoiding having any contact with anyone that was smoking. Since most of his workmates were smokers he was avoiding them and getting a reputation of being anti-social.

What was happening was that he quit smoking because the heart attack had caused health to become a major value but as time went on the value of health became less important and the cravings for smoking came back.

I see this same behaviour when a woman falls pregnant. When she knows that she is pregnant she gives up smoking immediately. After the baby is born and is healthy the woman will go back to smoking.

The urge to smoking is linked to survival and that is why smoking cigarettes can often override health. We know that smoking cigarettes is bad for our health but we still go ahead and do it.

My client did the right thing and with the use of hypnosis I stopped those cravings to smoke and helped him to continue to lead a healthy life.

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Stephen Gardiner originates from Rhodesia, (Zimbabwe) then working around the globe before finally settling in Brisbane Australia. As a scientist, Steve always had an interest in human development, especially Mind Plastisicity and how we cope with stress, anxiety and addictive behaviours. Over the past 15 years Steve has assisted many clients to transform their lives by resolving the obstacles holding them back.

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