The other day I had a lady phone me enquiring about quitting smoking and it drove home the importance of having the ideal client for the process of stop smoking cigarettes to work.Ideal customer

She started off by asking me to justify the price of the process and that she could go down the road and get it done cheaper. She also said that smoking was an addiction, this is contrary to all research which shows that smoking cigarettes is a habit.

The lady continued by saying that I could not get her to quit smoking in one session and that it would take at least three sessions. She was right because if you believe this to be true then you will not quit smoking in a 60 minute session.

The last comment was that she was sceptical about hypnosis and its effectiveness. I could have tried to convince her about hypnosis but at the end of the day that is not my job.

It is not up to me to convince you about what I do to help you quit smoking. To stop smoking cigarettes you have to be in the mindset that you believe the process and that it is going to work and that you have faith in the practitioner.


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