From Vape Addict to Smoke-Free: How Hypnosis Can Help You Kick the Habit”

From Vape Addict to Smoke-Free: How Hypnosis Can Help You Kick the Habit”

Vaping has become a popular trend among young people in recent years. Has vaping got you hooked?  Do you need to kick the habit or are you already a vaping addict?  It is a cheaper option, but is it safer?  Will vaping kill you in the same way as the nicotine in cigarettes does?  There is a reason you need a prescription to buy Vapes in Australia. Quitting cigarettes can be challenging, but vaping is not the right solution.

Hypnosis Replaces Nicotine Replacement Solutions

People use nicotine replacement therapies, such as gum or patches, to help them quit smoking and/or vaping, but […]

Quit Smoking is a Series of Small Decisions

In today’s world, the term “instant gratification” is often used”. At Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes, we subscribe to this thinking. People want to quit smoking, and they want to quit now!!  Quitting smoking is actually quite easy.  It is a decision – It’s time to stop smoking!  Followed a series of small decisions.  Research how to achieve the goal and choose a method.  Make an appointment and keep it.  Finally, see yourself as a permanent non-smoker!  And live your perfect result.  Just a few small decisions that will change your health.  Increase your cash flow.  Improve your Life.

Many people […]

Vaping Got You Hooked? Hypnosis Can Help You Break Free!

Has Vaping got you hooked?  Vaping has become a popular trend among young people in recent years.  It was ‘sold’ as the easiest way to stop smoking cigarettes, but it is just another form of smoking.   BUT, you don’t really know what you are getting in that little capsule, do you?

EVALI – e-cigarette Vaping Associated Lung Illness

As with smoking, vaping can lead to a range of health problems, from respiratory issues to heart disease. eVALI is a ‘thing’ the newest and surest way to die from smoking.   Quitting vaping can be as easy as stopping smoking cigarettes, but you must […]

Why is hypnosis the best way to stop smoking

While there is no single “best” way to stop smoking, hypnosis is one approach that some people find helpful in quitting smoking. Here are some reasons why hypnosis may be effective in helping people quit smoking:

Addresses the root causes of smoking: Hypnosis can help identify and address the underlying psychological reasons for smoking, such as stress, anxiety, or low self-esteem. By addressing these underlying issues, hypnosis can help people break the cycle of smoking and reduce the likelihood of relapse.
Provides a new perspective: Hypnosis can help people view smoking in a different light, which can help change their attitudes and […]

Vaping and Young Smokers

Vaping and Young Smokers

Our Kids are getting sucked into Vaping.  Vaping and youth smokers are a national problem.

The World Health Organisation has just come out with a recommendation that electronic cigarettes are harmful. In the past, they endorsed electronic cigarettes as there was not enough evidence that it is harmful.  BUT Now we have had the deaths of several young kids.  Many children are starting to vape at primary school.  Some are as young as eight years old.

The electronic cigarette is just another way to deliver nicotine to the body, and anybody who thinks nicotine is not harmful is deluding themselves. Nicotine is […]