Death, the ripple effect

It’s well know that for the majority of long term smokers your life will be shortened and the chances of a miserable death are quite high.
A lot of people say that they are not afraid of dying because they are thinking that their death will be quick. In the vast majority of cases death from long term smoking is usually prolonged and a miserable process.
This type of death can have quite a ripple effect on members of your family and friends. The most common causes of death from smoking are cancer and heart attack. You may argue that the heart […]

Chemicals in cigarettes

There are some 4,800 chemicals in cigarette smoke, many of which are carcinogens — yet the majority of people who smoke don’t realize what they’re inhaling.
“The majority of the [United States] public wants easy access to information about chemicals in cigarettes and other tobacco products,” said Marcella Boynton, lead author of the study, in a press release. “Surprisingly, our results reveal that groups one might presume to be the least psychologically motivated to look for this information, young adults and smokers, were more likely to say that they had previously looked for this information.”
In the study, the researchers analyzed […]

Urine today. Cancer tomorrow!

I was talking with a urologist last week when I had to go for an examination. One of the first things that he asked me was did I smoke?

I was intrigued by this and I asked him why he was so concerned about whether I smoked cigarettes or not. What he told me blew me away.

He told me that 90% of all bladder cancers that he saw were caused by smoking cigarettes. He said that when you smoke the toxins from the smoke enter your bloodstream. These toxins […]

Nicotine should be banned

I was talking to a mate of mine over the weekend and he told me of how his boss was beating smoking by using electronic cigarettes. He told me that by his boss using a nicotine liquid in an electronic cigarette she was beating the risks of cancer! I was blown away by this belief as nothing could be further from the truth.
Nicotine is extremely poisonous and has and still is being used as a pesticide. The thing about the danger of inhaling nicotine is that it causes your blood vessels to constrict; this in turn raises your blood pressure. […]

Sobering Event

This week I went to my doctor as I had suddenly developed a lump on my tongue which was quite painful. Don’t know how people can have piercings in their tongue. I felt like I had a boulder in my mouth. When I went to see the doctor he had a look at my tongue, did not say much but sent me to an ear, nose and throat surgeon. I started to immediately go into fear and started to play the movie of me having cancer of the mouth without any evidence at all. I played the movie without the […]

Who Knew There Is Sugar In Cigarettes!

Yes there is. This is why quite frequently when you quit smoking smoking you have a need to eat sweets, it has caused an addiction to sugar, not nicotine. Sugar also it hides the bitter taste of the nicotine which is NOT addictive. Have you ever heard of anyone addicted to Nicotine patches? I think not…An interesting point. According to studies, the long term quitting success rate of nicotine patches can be as low as 1.6%, yet it is promoted as an ‘effective’ means of quitting smoking. (Would you use a condom as an ‘effective’ means of birth control and […]

Some Chemicals Found in Cigarettes

Here are some hidden ingredients you can find in a cigarette. The toluene in glue and cigarettes is a toxic substance that produces euphoria and irritation of the airways and lungs. Cadmium is extremely poisonous and can be found in cigarettes, it results in kidney damage. Tar is an ingredient found in roads and tires as well as cigarettes. A two pack a day smoker inhales one gram of tar a day. That is a quart of thick, gooey tar inhaled a year. Mothballs contain naphthalenes, also found in cigarettes. This proven poison causes reproductive and brain breakdown. The arsenic […]

Why Shock Does Not Work

At Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes in Capalaba I have been carrying out my own survey on the effect of the horrible pictures that they put on cigarette packets and the cost of smoking. Both these measure have been implemented to reduce the number of people that smoke.
In almost 100% of people that I have surveyed the picture on the pack has made no difference at all. I ask people if they know what the picture is on the pack and does it make them want to give up. In just about all cases the person does not know what […]

You Set Your Boundaries

When we are born we all have the same abilities. If this is so why do some of us rise to the top of success and others of us do not. The answer is that we set the boundaries of what we can and cannot do. These boundaries are being set from the moment we are born and they are often as a result of fear.
Fear is both a positive and negative thing. It sets the flight response in us and gets us to move away from a potential dangerous situation or it can paralyse us and prevent us from […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Smoking


Die-hard cigarette users claim many benefits to smoking, some are the following:

Peer group acceptance if peers smoke
Performance enhancement in tasks
Stress Relief
Some smokers enjoy the taste
Smoking is like a friend


There are issues with most of these perceived advantages. If a smoker attempts to change peer groups, they could find smoking to be a barrier to acceptance. The performance enhancement is minimal after the first few cigarettes a smoker has in their lifetime; from that point on, it is just a perception of enhancement based on the memory of those initial cigarettes. Weight loss and stress relief could be as effectively obtained […]