Why Do I Smoke?

I make my living from helping people to quit smoking cigarettes at Quit Smoking Expert in Capalaba. I often wonder why people start smoking and without a doubt most people start smoking to fit in. so logically the next question is why do you want to fit in?
I’ve always put this down to the need to survive as there is safety in numbers. This weekend I attended a workshop by Dr John Demartini and he gave me another insight on why people smoke; I thought I would share this.
Everything in life is in balance. There are no positives without negatives, […]

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Have You Ever Heard Anyone Over 30, Say…. I want to Die Before I am 60 Years Old…….

Of Course Not!!! but the reality is that a high percentage of smokers die before they reach 60.  That means if you are 30, you are half-way through your life….. ….. Only about 30 years […]